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read serving him vol 2 online free

Serving HIM Vol. 2 (Serving HIM, #2) by M.S. Parker

“How did it happen? Fairytales don’t become real…do they? Will I wake up in a moment, back in my old apartment, and realize it was all a dream?”

When twenty-one-year-old, Aleena Davison, gets hired as the new live-in personal assistant for billionaire businessman, Dominic Snow, life seems almost too good to be true. Despite her lack of experience, she manages to impress not only her new boss, but also everyone around her.

Everything moves along as planned until one day Aleena accidentally walks into the private bedroom of Dominic Snow. What she sees will change her life, forever.

Don’t miss the steamy second installment of Serving HIM by bestselling authors, M.S. Parker and Cassie Wild.
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Serving HIM Vol. 1

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Parker May 25, News 0 comments. I nearly crashed into Dominic Monday morning. When I all but toppled over in my attempt to stop our collision, his hands came up and caught my arms, steadying me. My heart gave an odd, hiccupping sort of beat as his hands fell away, without even a hint of a pause. It took me until we got back into the main room to realize that he was talking to me differently.

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