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Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice

This is the story of Louis, as told in his own words, of his journey through mortal and immortal life. Louis recounts how he became a vampire at the hands of the radiant and sinister Lestat and how he became indoctrinated, unwillingly, into the vampire way of life. His story ebbs and flows through the streets of New Orleans, defining crucial moments such as his discovery of the exquisite lost young child Claudia, wanting not to hurt but to comfort her with the last breaths of humanity he has inside. Yet, he makes Claudia a vampire, trapping her womanly passion, will, and intelligence inside the body of a small child. Louis and Claudia form a seemingly unbreakable alliance and even settle down for a while in the opulent French Quarter. Louis remembers Claudias struggle to understand herself and the hatred they both have for Lestat that sends them halfway across the world to seek others of their kind. Louis and Claudia are desperate to find somewhere they belong, to find others who understand, and someone who knows what and why they are.

Louis and Claudia travel Europe, eventually coming to Paris and the ragingly successful Theatre des Vampires--a theatre of vampires pretending to be mortals pretending to be vampires. Here they meet the magnetic and ethereal Armand, who brings them into a whole society of vampires. But Louis and Claudia find that finding others like themselves provides no easy answers and in fact presents dangers they scarcely imagined.

Originally begun as a short story, the book took off as Anne wrote it, spinning the tragic and triumphant life experiences of a soul. As well as the struggles of its characters, Interview captures the political and social changes of two continents. The novel also introduces Lestat, Annes most enduring character, a heady mixture of attraction and revulsion. The book, full of lush description, centers on the themes of immortality, change, loss, sexuality, and power.
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Anne Rice - Interview with the Vampire [REVIEW/DISCUSSION] [SPOILERS]

Read Interview with the Vampire (The Vampire Chronicles #1) online free from your iPhone, iPad, android, Pc, Mobile. Interview with the Vampire is a Fantasy.
Anne Rice

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In the now-classic novel Interview with the Vampire, Anne Rice refreshed the archetypal vampire myth for a lateth-century audience. The story is ostensibly a simple one: having suffered a tremendous personal loss, an 18th-century Louisiana plantation owner named Louis Pointe du Lac descends into an alcoholic stupor. At his emotional nadir, he is confronted by Lestat, a charismatic and powerful vampire who chooses Louis to be his fledgling. The two prey on innocents, give their "dark gift" to a young girl, and seek out others of their kind notably the ancient vampire Armand in Paris. But a summary of this story bypasses the central attractions of the novel.

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First published nearly forty years ago, the novel grew out a short story that Rice wrote in her twenties. The book has its own tragic origins: Rice authored Interview with the Vampire shortly after the death, at age 5, of her daughter, Michelle who serves as the inspiration for Claudia, the child vampire. And while the protagonist is the self-reflective Louis, New Orleans herself is a main character; she is the catalyst for the relationship between Louis and his antagonist and maker, the cruel and irrepressible Lestat de Lioncourt. And drink you did. And drink and drink until you nearly drained him and he was reeling. But you were a vampire then. I remember the anger I felt when he sold the colony of Louisiana to the United States.

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Interview with the Vampire is a gothic horror and vampire novel by American author Anne Rice , published in It was her debut novel. Based on a short story Rice wrote around , the novel centers on vampire Louis de Pointe du Lac , who tells the story of his life to a reporter. Rice composed the novel shortly after the death of her young daughter Michelle, who served as an inspiration for the child-vampire character Claudia. Though initially the subject of mixed critical reception, the book was followed by many widely popular sequels , collectively known as The Vampire Chronicles. A film adaptation was released in , starring Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise , and the novel has been adapted as a comic three times. A vampire named Louis tells his year-long life story to a reporter referred to simply as "the boy" the character's name is revealed to be Daniel Molloy in The Queen of the Damned.

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  1. We sat down with the lengendary Anne Rice to talk about the new graphic adaptation Interview With The Vampire: Claudia's Story , Lestat and Louis as same-sex parents, advice for aspiring writers, and how she feels about the vampire invasion.

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