Where is justine winter now

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where is justine winter now

Justine Winter (Author of Natures Destiny)

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Published 12.07.2019

Just Say You're Sorry!- Episode 19- Justine Winter

Family Reacts to Justine Winter’s Pending Release

A Montana teenager charged with deliberately causing a fatal car crash in a failed suicide attempt has filed a lawsuit against the family of the pregnant woman who was killed in the collision with her teenage son. Everyone from the prosecutor in the case to neighbors of both families have raised their eyebrows at the teen's actions, with some saying it may be an inappropriate defense tactic. Justine Winter was 16 years old the night her car plowed head-on into another vehicle on Montana's Highway 93, killing year-old Erin Thompson and her year-old son Caden Odell. Thompson was four months pregnant. Prosecutors say the March crash was a calculated suicide attempt that occurred less than an hour after she broke up with her boyfriend and left his house. Their evidence, in part, rests with a series of ominous text messages Winter sent to her boyfriend minutes before the crash.

Justine Winter, right, sits with her attorney Max Battle, left, on day one of her trial. Family members of a mother and her son killed in a wreck on U. Highway 93 said they were surprised to learn the woman responsible for the crash will be released this year. On Sept. It is likely that Winter will be free by the end of the year. Winter was 16 years old in March when she got into a fight with her boyfriend and later that night deliberately drove her car across the centerline of U. Highway 93 north of Kalispell, crashing into another vehicle, driven by Thompson, who was pregnant at the time.

Her parents raised a dangerous, selfish little shit and they should have been tried too. The father was also involved in the lawsuit against the survivors of the actual victims. And they don't want her to go to jail because she's petite and brain damaged from the crash. I hope they give the other family everything her parents own in a civil suit. And sterilize both of her parents just to make sure they can't unleash any more selfish, dangerous brats on society. When given a chance, year-old Evergreen resident Justine Winter seemed to stop short of accepting full responsibility.

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  1. Justine Winter, 22, had been convicted of two counts of deliberate homicide after she drove her car into traffic in March , Share Now.

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