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blessed to be surrounded by

Battles and Leaders of the Civil War by Ned Bradford

Battles and Leaders of the Civil War by Ned Bradford (Editor) is simply a HIGHLY CONDENSED version of the original Battles and Leaders of the Civil War (4 volumes) by Robert Underwood Johnson (Editor) - a compilation of articles written by actual participants in the ACW and first published in CENTURY MAGAZINE.

My advice: Read the ORIGINAL 4-volume set by Johnson (and Buel). You will learn things you will NEVER read elsewhere - unless they were since stolen from Battles and Leaders by more recent authors. The ORIGINAL 4-volume set by Johnson (and Buel) is considered a MUST by all serious ACW buffs and historians.

I found 1 of the 4 volumes in a tiny New Hampshire bookshop at least 50 years ago. It took me another 8 years to find the other 3 volumes (since it had long been out-of-print). I am delighted it has been re-published!
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50 Blessed Quotes Celebrating Your Everyday Blessings

And lots of things in my life have changed, but perhaps nothing has changed quite so much as my perspective on life which is something that will continue to change as I continue to realise just how lucky I am to have the opportunities that I have had and hopefully, will have in the future. I love Christmas and the joy and happiness and the magic; the season of goodwill to all men! On a loosely related note, I am going to post an article that I submitted to the Guardian they ignored me, obviously about a Christmas advert But, not only is it the magic of Christmas, my birthday is December 21st and I think birthdays are incredibly magical and exciting! This year I had the insane excitement of my best friend and soul sister come up and spend the weekend with me. I had a wonderful glitter party, combing three of my favourite things; my chicos, a shocking amount of glitter and drinks!

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I am feeling so blessed this beautiful Monday evening. An occassional dinner with family or friends throughout the years, but usually a rather quiet day just like every other day. I get to do what makes me happy for a living. I have my health and all my basic needs. It will be what it will be when it will be. My good friends Bonnie and Rachel thought that they would surprise me on Saturday with a gathering of students to celebrate my upcoming birthday. I was however in awe of the people who showed up on a Saturday afternoon to gather in my honor.

M y grandfather, Colin Walker, is a Yorta Yorta man born on the banks of Dhunagla the Murray River at Cummeragunja in a small tin hut with a dirt floor, no windows a corrugated iron structure that is long gone. My grandmother, Faye Walker, was born in Narrandera. The root of her anguish was in her instinct to run and hide. My Nan and Pop are spellbinding story tellers, and I love being with them at Cummeragunja, by their fire, sipping milky tea, and hearing yarns about their lives. They have nurtured me and my family with stories of their lives and our culture.

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