Unleashing the ideavirus by seth godin pdf

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unleashing the ideavirus by seth godin pdf

Unleashing the Ideavirus: Stop Marketing AT People! Turn Your Ideas into Epidemics by Helping Your Customers Do the Marketing thing for You. by Seth Godin

The book that sparked a marketing revolution.

This is a subversive book. It says that the marketer is not--and ought not to be--at the center of successful marketing. The customer should be. Are you ready for that? --From the Foreword by Malcolm Gladwell, author of The Tipping Point.

Counter to traditional marketing wisdom, which tries to count, measure, and manipulate the spread of information, Seth Godin argues that the information can spread most effectively from customer to customer, rather than from business to customer. Godin calls this powerful customer-to- customer dialogue the ideavirus, and cheerfully eggs marketers on to create an environment where their ideas can replicate and spread.

In lively detail, Godin looks at the ways companies such as PayPal, Hotmail, GeoCities, even Volkswagen have successfully launched ideaviruses. He offers a recipe for creating your own ideavirus, identifies the key factors in the successful spread of an ideavirus (powerful sneezers, hives, a clear vector, a smooth, friction-free transmission), and shows how any business, large or small, can use ideavirus marketing to succeed in a world that just doesnt want to hear it anymore from the traditional marketers.
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Unleashing The Ideavirus is really an interpretation of the way human interaction, the Internet and marketing have fused into a new beast. The ideas in this book are going to be hard to swallow for many old timers and experienced self-employed people. Especially if you have been successful over the years. It is easy to fool yourself into believing that you have it all figured out because you made it this far. Unleashing The Ideavirus book is filled with many examples of companies and businesses who use antiquated marketing techniques and are losing ground quickly.

Ramona Sukhraj. Published on May 2nd, Seth Godin is widely considered one of the godfathers of modern marketing. Since , Godin has published 22 books and 18 of those books have been bestsellers. Unleashing the Ideavirus is the answer to that question. Nevertheless, Unleashing the Ideavirus is a great read that not only shows you the value of ideas but also how to get your ideas to spread like a virus.

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Books, Audiobooks and Summaries. Godin believes that traditional, interruptive marketing is no longer working and that it needs to be replaced with this concept. Seth Godin is a speaker and an author primarily focused on writing marketing books, and the founder of Yoyodyne, the first digital direct-marketer, which was later acquired by Yahoo. Because traditional marketing , which interrupts people with unwanted marketing messages, no longer works. The vast array of choices makes people resistant to hearing any kind of advertisements.

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