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vinegar tom caryl churchill pdf

Vinegar Tom by Caryl Churchill

Oh, Churchill. Lets have a love affair, you and me. Vinegar Tom marks Churchills first dip into collaboration and it is such a wonderful product of that. She wrote the first draft in a few days and then passed it off to a theatre company who took it and played with it and wrote music to the songs and then she came back and there must have been such wonderful discussions and she added in a character and oh! Yes, lets look at the epidemic of witchcraft, not through the lens of actual witchcraft, but through the eyes of people who were defining what witchcraft was. It was all so petty. After reading this play, I was walking around yesterday doing some of the not so strange things I sometimes do like taking off my flip flops in the rain because they were too slippery and walking barefoot up the street, or talking to a particularly funny looking dog or beating the side of a bus and shouting curses at it for cutting me off on my bike or having unmarried sex with my boyfriend and you know what? You guys? I would totally be hung for being a witch! I would! I have very little doubt about that in my mind. Another time, another place. I. Would be. Burnt. That is terrifying. And also what excites me so much about the possibility of doing this play.
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"Oh Doctor" from Vinegar Tom - ISU 2019

Vinegar Tom is the title of a play by the British playwright Caryl Churchill.
Caryl Churchill

Vinegar Tom: Performance Material

C: 7m, 7f In a small rural community, Alice, a loose woman, lives with her eccentric old mother Joan Noakes, whose main company is her cat Vinegar Tom. An upright couple, Jack and Margery, make plans for their farm but are dismayed when their cattle get sick. Because Margery was cursed by Joan when she refused her some yeast, and Jack was rejected by Alice when he tried to seduce her, the two accuse Joan and Alice of being witches. Betty, the daughter of the local gentry, is bled by the doctor to cure her, because she refuses to get married. Ellen, the cunning woman, gives Alice a potion to win her lover and provides Susan, another villager, with a draught to rid her of an unwanted baby. Jack is now alarmed because he has become impotent, and demands his penis back from Alice.

In Traps, a set of characters meet themselves and their pasts to create "plenty of sinewy lines and joyous juxtapostions" Plays and Players ; Vinegar Tom "is set in the world of seventeenth-century witchcraft, but it speaks, through its striking images and its plethora of ironic contradictions, of and to this century Deftly, it sketches in the kind of social conditions.. The play has an austere eloquence that precisely matches its subject. It plunges straight to the heart of the endless convolutions of sexual mores The plays in this volume represent the best of Churchill's writing up to and including her emergence onto the international theatre scene with Cloud Nine.

She was educated at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford. Downstairs, her first play written while she was still at university, was first staged in and won an award at the Sunday Times National Union of Students Drama Fe No account yet? Create one. Athol Fugard. Jason Milligan. Eric Ulloa.


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