That was then this is now setting

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that was then this is now setting

Are "That Was Then, This Is Now" and... The Outsiders Q&A

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Published 07.06.2019

That was then, This is now by Shane Baker

That Was Then, This Is Now Setting & Symbolism

Hinton , first published in Set in the s, it follows the relationship between two friends, Mark Jennings and Bryon Douglas, who are like brothers, but find their friendship rapidly changing and detoriating. It was later adapted into film starring Emilio Estevez and Craig Sheffer. The novel is set in Tulsa, Oklahoma in the s. Mark and Bryon have been living together as brothers since the death of Mark's parents, and the two often spend time hanging out at the local bar and playing pool to earn money. The novel begins with Bryon's mother in the hospital getting surgery, which causes financial stress for the family. The boys are forced to look for jobs, but do not have much success.

Susan Eloise Hinton, known to her multitudes of readers as " S.
not feeling understood in relationship

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It is the s in a bad part of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and sixteen-year-olds Bryon Douglas and Mark Jennings have been best friends since childhood. The family is very poor and they are having trouble getting together enough money to pay for the operation. The story begins when Bryon and Mark go to a bar, owned by their older friend Charlie , to hustle pool. They need to find a way to pay Charlie back three dollars by tomorrow, or else they will get beaten up. In the fight, the resourceful Mark draws up three dollars from the attackers.


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  1. Like most of Susan E. Hinton's novels, That Was Then, This is Now is set in Tulsa, Oklahoma (though, like Hinton's prior teen novel, The Outsiders, the city is.

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