How to open the molten front

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how to open the molten front

Sunlight Quotes (147 quotes)

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Published 28.03.2019

How to start Molten Front 4.2 quest chain

A Guide to the Molten Front and Respective Quests quest line to phase the zone correctly in order to start the Molten Front progression.

Molten Front

Blizzard has just released the next installment in its series of patch 4. First, it was the video teasers, then the raid , and most recently, the legendary staff. Now it's previewing the Regrowth and Molten Front daily quest hubs. After reading through the entire preview, I'm very excited. Personally, I feel like patch 2.

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WoW Guide: Veteran of the Molten Front /Part 01/

Following the Cataclysm, Ragnaros's elemental minions assaulted Mount Hyjal in a bid to set the ancient World Tree of Nordrassil ablaze. Although the Guardians of Hyjal and their allies heroically repelled this invasion, their work on the sacred mount is far from over. In the newly healed Regrowth, Archdruid Malfurion Stormrage and his comrades have transformed the Sanctuary of Malorne into a staging ground for an assault on Ragnaros's domain: the Firelands. Thus far, their efforts have been frustrated by a resurgence in elemental activity that has engulfed the Regrowth and divided Malfurion's forces. If Hyjal's defenders quell this counterattack, they have plans to create a permanent outpost in the Firelands from which to maintain an eternal vigil over the molten elemental realm. To do so, Malfurion's druids are planning to use an enchanted Sentinel Tree.

The Molten Front is a new zone introduced in Patch 4. The zone is accessible through the Portal to the Firelands from Mount Hyjal after completing the introductory quests associated with the Firelands Invasion , up to Through the Gates of Hell. This zone contains new daily quests for earning [ Marks of the World Tree ] that can be used to progress further into the zone. The Molten Front is a part of the Firelands, and thus part of Ragnaros 's domain. Summoned during the War of the Three Hammers hundreds of years ago and left essentially imprisoned deep within Blackrock Mountain.

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