Short inspirational speech about friendship

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short inspirational speech about friendship

Star Wars: The New Essential Guide to Vehicles & Vessels by W. Haden Blackman

This book is a well deserved updated edition. The huge colorful illustrations, the comparisons of speed, weapons, manueverability, the history of design and purpose... all make for a well composed reference book.

My only complaint is that several of the older designs were relegated to the back of the book, with less impressive pictures and information, and a few vehicles of less importance were left out all together. So while this is a good reference for any Star Wars fan, it is not what I would call a complete reference. Still, a positive addition to any collection and useful when trying to make sure that the SW authors got their facts straight.
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Speech on Friendship Day -1 - How to Start a Speech in English - Friendship Day Speech in English

Speech on Friendship (613 Words)

Friendship is one of the purest forms of relation that exist on this earth. Getting a sincere and loving friend is perhaps the best gift from God, which only lucky few gets. When you have a bunch of amazing friends, journey of life becomes more joyous and vibrant. True friends are there to laugh at your joy. Again when you shed tears, who else can be beside you to lend his shoulder other than your friends? Friendship is the only relation on this earth which is truly priceless. We may acquire all materialistic pleasure by putting our effort.

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If you have got one true friend, you are rich. If you have got two, you are a billionaire. If you say, you have more; you know nothing about friendship. Well, you may not agree. But good friends are rare. Friendship primarily is a relationship. It is based on love, acceptance, and mutual respect.

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