How do romeo and juliet parents feel about them

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how do romeo and juliet parents feel about them

Romeo and Juliet - Who is at fault for the death of Romeo and Juliet? Showing 1-50 of 381

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Romeo and Juliet (1968) - (4/4) - Juliet's Death

How do Romeo and Juliet interact with their parents? Are they rebellious, in the modern sense? How do their parents feel about them?' and find homework help.


They didn't want them around each other because of the feud between the Montague's and Capulet's. That's why the have to sneak through the Nurse and Friar Lawrence. The parents opposed Romeo and Juliets marriage because they are rivals. I dont believe Romeo has a good relationship with his parents. He doesn't seem to care about what they think or how his and Juliets love will affect his family. They are better parents because they know and understand Romeo and Juliet better and they don't protest Romeo and Juliets love.

Themes and Motifs in Romeo and Juliet : Parenthood. A great part of our pity arises from seeing the children's lives sacrificed to their parents' anger. Lady Montague who in the earliest version of the play is designated only as "wife" shows a motherly concern for her son. She asks, "O, where is Romeo? Benvolio tells her that he saw Romeo wandering in the woods before dawn, but that because it looked as if Romeo wanted to be left alone, he left him alone. Montague, however, is worried about his son and doesn't believe that Romeo should be left alone.

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Parent-Child Relationship in Romeo and Juliet Parent-Child relationships are among one of the most complicated ones but also some of the most rewarding., We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Essay Topic: Literature , William Shakespeare.

Romeo and Juliet are both rebellious because they disobey their parents in a pretty big way, especially at this time in history. Marriage is still a big thing, but in this time the parents got almost all of the say in who you would marry. We don't see much of how Romeo interacts with his parents, but we know that Juliet's parents would rather be happy themselves than see Juliet happy. The parents in Romeo and Juliet are pretty much enemies towards each other. Juliet's parents are, in my words, stuck up and they don't know what is going through her head.

We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Juliet is the fourteen year old daughter of the Capulet household. She is an only daughter and would be thought to be doted on, yet her closest guardian is her wet nurse. However, Act 1. This shows the audience their hostile relationship. This is already showing that the nurse appears far more motherly to Juliet than Lady Capulet. Lady Capulet shows a lack of knowledge and a weak relationship with her daughter while talking of love.

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