Facts about the book of ephesians

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facts about the book of ephesians

Live Abundantly: A Study in the Book of Ephesians by Lenya Heitzig

Twenty minutes a day to discover the abundance of God’s riches In Live Abundantly, Bible teachers Lenya Heitzig and Penny Pierce Rose challenge you to dig deep into the book of Ephesians to find the spiritual treasure God has for you. Covering topics such as living in God’s will and receiving peace no matter the circumstances, the book of Ephesians reveals the magnitude of every Christian’s inheritance, a gift “exceedingly abundantly above” what you could ever ask for. Unearth the greatest treasure of life in this rich study. Each day’s lesson is structured in five parts: Lift up (prayer), Look at (God’s Word), Learn about (new insights), Live out (application), Listen to (quotes from other believers).
 The Fresh Life series was created by women, for women—women who crave a profound experience of God’s Word without an overwhelming commitment of time. With each lesson, you will come to a deeper understanding of the truths of the Bible and develop a deeper intimacy with God.
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3 Facts of Fatherhood. Book of Ephesians Study, Grace Baptist Church, Glidden, IA

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Lenya Heitzig

Facts About Ephesians

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The letter to the Ephesians was written by the Apostle Paul from a Roman prison. Along with Philippians, Colossians, and Philemon it is one of four letters in the New Testament known as the prison epistles. Most likely, Paul wrote the letter around A. There is good reason to believe that Ephesians was not written exclusively to the church in Ephesus. Instead, it was a circular letter carried by Tychicus and read at each stop throughout Asia Minor modern Turkey until finally arriving at the capital city of Ephesus.

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While I was a student in college, I took a class in economics. The professor was a gracious and dignified scholar. He seldom laughed, but on one occasion, I managed to evoke a genuine laugh. In this lesson, we will commence our study of the Book of Ephesians. We will begin by briefly noting the author and recipients of the epistle. We will then turn to the characteristics of Ephesians, focusing our attention on the distinctive contribution of the epistle. It is hoped that this will set the tone for our entire study, and will motivate you to take the message of this epistle very seriously.

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  1. AUTHOR: Paul. TIME WRITTEN: In A.D. from Rome during 1st Roman imprisonment. POSITION IN THE BIBLE: • 49th Book in the Bible. • 10th Book in the.

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