Non fiction books about virtual reality

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non fiction books about virtual reality

Virtual Reality Book Lists

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Published 13.12.2018

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List of best books about virtual reality, including jacket cover images when available.

These five books will help you understand the future of virtual reality

Ladies and gentlemen, strap on your goggles: Analysts and pundits predict that will be the year that virtual reality finally takes off. For people whose main associations with virtual reality involve s computer games and The Matrix , this fresh wave of excitement may seem hard to understand. Here are five books that can help you understand what all the fuss is about. Ready Player One by Ernest Kline. Published in , this young adult novel has stormed best-seller lists and brought virtual reality science fiction into mainstream consciousness.


The best books to feed your curiosity on virtuality. He reveals that the rhetoric of Apocalyptic AI is strikingly similar to that of the apocalyptic traditions of Judaism and Christianity. In both systems, the believer is trapped in a dualistic universe and expects a resolution in which he or she will be translated to a transcendent new world and live forever in a glorified new body. Now with a new preface in which the author places his book in light of the most recent transformations in online culture, Coming of Age in Second Life remains the classic ethnography of virtual worlds. The editors have gathered an expert team of engineers, social scientists, and cultural theorists for the first extensive treatment of human communication in this exciting medium. Will we one day do all our listening as part of immersive VR experiences? Will the streaming music model collapse under the weight of too many competitors?

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