Letter from mother to daughter about growing old

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letter from mother to daughter about growing old

Letter to My Daughter Quotes by Maya Angelou

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Published 13.12.2018

Notes To My Daughter - TODAY BELONGS TO YOU

Mom #Wrote Her Daughter The Best #Letter About #Getting Old, It's So True It Hurts This Powerful Letter From An Aging Mom To Daughter Is Inspiring Women.

Letter from a mother to a daughter:

Right now as I watch you sleep, I lean in so close I can feel your breath against my cheek. I think about the good moments today. I think about you touching my arm and telling me a story about a slug you found by the water. I grin to myself alone in the dark. You are perfect lying there so still; my heart swells like it might burst. Motherhood has made me so strong and so fragile at the same time. Every day I fight against the urge to lasso the world and make it tame for you.

P.S. I Love You

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The statement above has truly impacted my life. A few minutes before writing this article, I was thinking about the fact that I can't wait to finish my bachelor's degree so that I can get my master's or start working. I have to tell myself to stop doing that Everyone says that throughout life, we as human beings are in a constant rush. In a rush to: grow older faster, finish school, get married, move, and get to the next destination.

The lullaby I sang to you when you were still young, still learning about sunrises and the deeper — yet more vital — luminosity of moonlight. I suppose this is technically a message, this letter, along with the small box in your hand. Or a set of wishes. And as you read it, as you open the small box and see what lies within on your flight to the other end of the country for grad school. My wish and hope for you is that you have a wonderful, enlightening, enriching adventure as you move forward and learn what others have to offer you there.

That was really sweet. It is good to look at that perspective. Our parents help us so much in life… there is bound to be a time when the tables will turn and they deserve every bit as much love as they gave us when we were being taken care of. Beautiful made me shed a tear or two. I happen to be the aging parent and completely understand the letter's perspective. Not so easy getting old.

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