Questions to ask about chinese culture

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questions to ask about chinese culture

Food in Chinese Culture: Antropological and Historical Perspectives by Kwang-chih Chang

An impressive anthropological collection of Chinese food throughout the years, but certainly lacking in necessary context when compared to Andersons The Food of China masterpiece. Most interesting was following the patchwork collection of poetry, stories, and artifacts to build up a sort of narrative of how people ate and why they ate the things they do. The Tang dynasty seemed to have the most unique difference in food styles and customs from the modern day (live frogs, anybody?), and as a result this served as the most interesting section of the book. It was also surprisingly interesting to see what Modern China from a food historians perspective was back in 1975 when this book came out. Definitely a good read for the more academically minded reader.
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Social and Cultural Etiquette in China - CHINA TRAVEL TIPS

For us Chinese, it's family name first and given name last — perfectly logical. But it's the other way around for Westerners so they often get confused when reading a Chinese name for the first time, and feel compelled to ask the above question. So as to avoid confusion, many Chinese living and working overseas have adopted the Westernized way of saying their names — given name first and family name last. She was all over me in an instant, giving me kisses and hugs — very melodramatic like we'd not seen each other for years. There were some Chinese students studying overseas in Paris at the time and they were there too. Being as overjoyed as anyone can expect to be, meeting people from home when you're in a foreign land, we shook hands and exchanged some words.

Living in China, there are some questions I hear over and over again: "Do you like China? What about Chinese people who go abroad? What kinds of repetitive—and sometimes silly—questions do foreigners like to ask them? In January, a writer for Aboluowang. Here is the article translated:. The way Chinese people do it, family name is first and personal name is last.

The 10 Questions Foreigners Most Like to Ask Chinese People. 1. A lot of foreigners are interested in Chinese culture and want to study.
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10 questions foreigners like to ask Chinese people

This is the most used form of one of the most common questions you will get in China. Just go ahead and assume that the first question any Chinese person will ask you will be some variation of this, and be prepared with your response. This version of the question can be used when you are speaking to Chinese people to ask them which part of China they are from. Unlike in Western cultures, Chinese will openly ask anyone their age. Although none of the previously mentioned questions contain this character, it is used to form a question. One you will hear from Chinese people all of the time, and the other you will probably find yourself asking Chinese people all the time. Chinese are always curious to hear what foreigners think about living here, so this question is quite common.

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