300 things to write about book

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300 things to write about book

300 Writing Prompts by Open Bound

I wouldnt call this a book of writing prompts. When I think of a writing prompt, I think of things like write a story starting with the sentence... or write a story using the words for at least 5 colors or showing a picture and saying write a poem based on the picture and other things like that.

That is NOT what this is. This is more like a therapy session, with very personal questions. Something youd buy two of and have you and your partner fill it out and exchange to get to know each others innermost workings. A book youd bring to your counselor to read in order to more properly treat you. A book to give to someone to help them on a path of self discovery. This is not a book of writing prompts, its a book of diary entries, each one in response to a specific question.

BUT it could be used to help a story if you answered the questions as a character you are trying to flesh out, rather than as yourself. This can help with character development if you use it to that end.

Examples of questions:
-What is the biggest trigger of stress in your life
-Name one thing you have lied to yourself about. Why did you do this?
-As a kid, what job did you dream of having as an adult? What job do you have now?
-Were you born to shine in some way? What makes you really stand out?
-Come up with a mathematical formula to express something you know/believe.

with some abstract almost actual prompts like you are the winds interpreter, what is it saying? but they are few and far between.

With that said, its still excellent but not for the reasons I bought it. It makes you think about yourself in ways you might not have before. So while you may not get great story inspiration (unless youre writing an autobiography), youll find out a lot about yourself.
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Open Bound

300 Writing Prompts

Picture this: your imagination is a match…and you need to light it. There are a number of different methods of setting a match ablaze and come up with story ideas. But the best and easiest way? Striking it against the matchbox it came in. All you need is one writing prompt to light your imaginative fire and you can burn through a book idea , formulating the plot and all with just a single prompt.

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