How to write about kissing

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how to write about kissing

The Four Loves Quotes by C.S. Lewis(page 2 of 5)

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Published 12.12.2018

Writing Sex and Kissing Scenes - Dos & Don'ts Podcast Discussion

Learn how to write a kissing scene that gets your readers all hot and bothered! Discover the 5 step formula to the perfect kissing scene for your.

How to write the perfect first kiss scene

If you want to learn how to write a kissing scene for a romance novel or other work of fiction, you must first understand the motivation. The act of kissing arises from an uncontrollable desire on the part of the two characters about whom you are writing. This is the very fact you must also communicate to your reader, and not too subtly, so that they may truly enjoy your kissing scene. Imagine if a man you had never seen before, and to whom you were NOT attracted in the least, walked up and laid a big fat kiss on you. Would it inspire you and turn you on, or would it disgust and embarrass you?

The perfect kissing scene is found smack dab between these two adjectives in the title — steamy and sophisticated — as it is the balance of coy and crude that can develop into a beautiful scene. In order to craft the perfect kissing scene, it is important to look back on the work of others in order to see what works. In this scene the young writer, affectionally named Stingo, is observing a painting beside a young jewish girl named Leslie. In all truth I had not invited this prodigy of a tongue; turning, I had merely wished to look at her face, expecting only that the expression of aesthetic delight I might find there would correspond to what I knew was my own. But I did not even catch a glimpse of her face, so instantaneous and urgent was that tongue. Dolphin-slippery, less wet than rather deliciously mucilaginous and tasting of Amontillado, it had the power in itself to force me, or somehow get me back, against a doorjamb, where I lolled helpless with my eyes clenched shut, in a trance of tongue. Styron uses the element of surprise to initiate this kissing scene.

Before your characters can get to 'happily ever after,' they have to get together. This almost invariably involves at least one kissing scene - and that is a scene you have to get right.
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In novels, especially romances, kissing scenes can be some of the most powerful and important scenes. Because of this, writers need to be well versed and take special care in designing and developing these kinds of scenes. Here are ten tips to help create a dynamic scene. New posts are made on Wednesdays. Furthermore, my special series on Greek life, sororities, and everything parents or students wanting to join a sorority or fraternity should know is posted each Monday.

Kasie West—the author of books for teens like P. Am I the only one that did that? I guess I was always destined to write romance. So what makes a good kissing scene? Number One: Personal History. A good kiss starts way before lips ever touch.

I don't know about you, but finding a great make-out scene in an already fantastic book is the cherry on top for me. There's a lot of ways to mess up writing a kissing, or any sexy scene in books because it's all so physical — but there's also a lot of ways to make it memorable. In books, a great make-out scene consists of the narrator's feelings, thoughts, and atmosphere around the couple. It can be incredibly sweet and romantic, or sensual and hot. And I'm sure you have a few favorites that you may or may not have read and reread multiple times. A lot of young adult books capture these steamy make-out scenes due to passionate first love, first kiss, and all those epic firsts.

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  1. One of the most difficult scenes to write is a kissing scene, or really any scene when when things get hot and heavy. Writers worry about being too obscene (will .

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