Everything you need to know about china

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everything you need to know about china

Travel to China: Everything You Need to Know Before You Go by Josh Summers

Are you planning to travel to China? Whether youre still weighing the decision or youve already purchased your tickets, this unique travel guide is an indispensable resource for any China traveler.

As the title says, this is everything you need to know before you travel to China - the things that other major travel guides somehow expect you to know.

This China Travel Guide Book Will Teach You:
- How to Apply for a Visa: What visa do you need and can you get away with a free transit visa?
- How to Prepare for Your Trip: Do you need vaccines? Should you bring cash or get money another way? What about packing?
- How to Travel Within China: Its not about where to go, its teaching you how to get there. Guides for trains, planes, taxis and buses!
- How to Stay Connected: Can you use your phone in China? Is Chinas internet censored and how do you get around that?
- All About the Chinese Language: Can you travel without knowing Chinese? What is the best way to learn before you go?
- All About Staying Healthy: What should you know about Chinese hospitals? Is travel insurance a good thing for China?
- FAQ: The most frequently asked questions about China travel
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7 things you HAVE TO know before you move to CHINA

You can now add pages from around our site to your own customisable trip whenever you see this icon. By China specialist Cheryl. At the very least, it can seem like a destination to approach with caution, somewhere you really need to do your homework on.
Josh Summers

Everything You Need to Know about Manufacturing in China

China is arguably the most important manufacturer and industrial producer as it sells more manufacturing goods than any other country in the world. China is also a world leader in many types of goods. Get started with a free quote today. China is the largest exporting nation in the world largely because it specializes in a number of different product categories. Along with the tech industry, China is also able to dominate a number of the following categories:.

Q: I’ve heard that China’s cities are quite dirty: what can I expect?

These days, more and more tourists from around the world who visit China are flocking to the ancient country to experience its rich history and perhaps catch a glimpse of its bright future. While modernization has meant that many western amenities are now available, there are still a few hurdles that might catch the unprepared unaware. Hopefully, these will help you discover what a wonderfully challenging and beautiful country this is. Although more and more businesses particularly large hotel chains and upscale restaurants now accept Visa and Mastercard, the most widely accepted card scheme is UnionPay. Chinese businesses do not accept any other currency, including the US dollar or Hong Kong dollar. While many Chinese banks do not accept foreign cards, larger chains such as HSBC can be used to withdraw local currency from foreign bank accounts. This usually offers a far better exchange rate than services such as Travelex.

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  1. According to the State Department, China may issue exit or travel bans in instances where there are business disputes and court orders to pay a settlement.

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