How to stop worrying about others problems

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how to stop worrying about others problems

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living Quotes by Dale Carnegie

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Published 11.12.2018

STOP Giving a Damn What Others Think - 3 Tips Quit Worrying About People's Opinions - Don't Compare

Being concerned about what happens to other people is natural and normal - an indicator of your feelings for them. This is the basis of family and community life, the 'glue' that holds us all together. It encourages us to look out for and help each other, and so further strengthen the bonds between us.

You’re Not Responsible for Other People’s Happiness

I would have done anything for my friends, until one of them nearly broke my heart and spirit. He was my best friend. We felt like platonic soul mates. We had a standing lunch date every week, called each other terms of endearment, cried together, laughed together—the standard best friend things. His long-time partner left him. Then he lost his executive-level job.

Maybe you worry about your children: Are they doing well in school? Are they hanging out with the right group of friends? Are they on track with their lives and making wise choices about their futures? Maybe you worry about your parents. How long will they be able to continue to care for themselves? Perhaps you have people in your life who are close to you and continually in crisis. You care about them.

Add to fav. Note: I updated this post in November because this is such an important issue and I want to give you more resources and insight.
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The biggest mistake we all make is forgetting about ourselves. We manage to get caught up in all the drama, politics and nonsense of life and we forget where our true focus should actually lie. Let's be honest, we become distracted at the drop of a dime with our ADD issues and procrastination problems. The real issue is these small distractions manage to get bigger and bigger and, in the process, we lose ourselves and what we really want out of life. You should be a little selfish. The truth is no one is really going to care about you but yourself. They might smile in your face, take shots with you and pretend to be your best friend, but when you need them most and you are struggling in life, you will soon realize that the only person you have there to help you is yourself.


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  1. The key is really just to remind yourself that you have your own complete life to live, complete with the following: * Its own goals * Its own.

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