How do you feel about yourself

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how do you feel about yourself

Quote by Robert Hand: “The better you feel about yourself, the less yo...”

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Published 10.12.2018

Tony Robbins: Feeling Lost? How to Find Yourself Again ( Tony Robbins Passion )

I feel of life and energy! That is because I do not let the situations/ experiences/people around me effect my mood/state of mind for a.

5 Ways To Feel Better About Yourself

What is self-esteem? Self-esteem can be defined as our overall assessment positive or negative of ourselves. What factors affect our self-esteem? The psychologist Jennifer Crocker has developed a concept called contingencies of self-worth , which are areas that our self-esteem is contingent on. For example, you may care a lot about being a good parent, being a student, being a friend, or being an athlete. If so, each of these areas are ones that your self-esteem is contingent on. In one study investigating this, research participants were asked to report on their acceptances and rejections when applying to graduate school.

Find out more about cookies and your privacy in our policy. Self-confidence is when you believe in yourself and your abilities. It sounds simple, but it can be a tough thing to build up. Celebrate your successes, whether big or small. Remember: your achievements are unique to you.

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I struggled with self-care for a long time. Back then, I was solely focused on numbing myself. I was in too much pain and too ashamed of what had happened to me. It hurt too much to think about it. In the process, I had completely disconnected from myself, my body, and my needs. What helped was when I learned about the long-term impact of trauma, what the long term impact of toxic stress on my body. I could easily see how the abuse I suffered made me not want to talk about the past, feel my feelings, or want to take care of my body.

I genuinely liked me. This thought was like a seed that was then planted in my brain. And every time I thought about it, I watered it. Soon enough, that seed sprouted and feelings of not being enough were just a part of who I was. I was really good at disguising those thoughts, though. Most in my circle had no idea of how I really felt. At this point, I fully acknowledged that I had some serious work to do.

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