Stories about dogs protecting their owners

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stories about dogs protecting their owners

Dogs Loyalty Quotes (33 quotes)

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Published 10.12.2018

7 Horrifying TRUE saved owners lives! - Intruders/Rapists

Incredible Stories of Dogs Saving Human Lives

The fact that the dog is man's best friend is undeniable when you consider the many incredible stories of dogs saving people's lives. Share some heart-warming tales of dogs rescuing humans and other acts of canine bravery. Austin Forman, an year-old boy, was playing in his yard when a cougar suddenly charged him from out of nowhere. Before he could react, his dog leaped in front of him to ward off the wild animal. The month-old Golden Retriever courageously fought the much larger cougar so that the boy could get to safety. The family then called , and a policeman put the cougar down.

2. Lily Risks Life And Limb

He's unbelievable! He's some dog! He's a lifesaver! That's what l'll call him, too! Ol' Lifesaver! That will be your name!

As any dog owner can tell you, the loyalty between them and their four-legged friend goes both ways. She was seconds away from being squished when Figo jumped in front of her, fully prepared to give his own life to save hers. The pup allowed the snake to bite him several times in order to shield the young girl and was quickly taken for treatment, making a full recovery. As soon as she saw the train fly by, she knew exactly how lucky she was to have Hook by her side. He was bitten in his paw, but was able to recover from the venom which would have likely been fatal for the young girl. Randy Bova was home by himself and listening to music in his bedroom when he saw his dog rush into his room.

Such good boys and girls we don't deserve them. For more stunning acts of canine heroism, get tickets to Megan Leavey , in theaters June 9. Eleven-year-old Austin Forman was collecting firewood in his backyard when he noticed his dog, Angel , sticking unusually close to his side. Soon, Austin realized why when he was attacked by an unseen cougar. Angel fearlessly leapt at the cougar to protect his owner. While the dog and giant cat were fighting, Austin ran into the house and told his mother, "There's a cougar eating Angel.

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  1. Enjoy reading these dogs' stories that define courage and determination by doing everything they can to save their family and friends from.

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