Little known facts about the titanic

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little known facts about the titanic

The Story of Titanic for Children: Astonishing Little-Known Facts and Details About the Most Famous Ship in the World by Joe Fullman

More than a century after it crashed into an iceberg, Titanic remains as compelling as ever. Now children can explore its beautiful sundecks, marvel at the luxurious design, and relive the tragic sinking of the world’s most famous ship. Rich in visual detail, this book tells the story that captured the world, and it will hold kids spellbound with intriguing facts and real-life stories that provide insights into what happened that fateful night.
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DISTURBING Facts You Probably Didn't Know About The TITANIC!

Titanic: 40 fascinating facts about the ship

Of the 2, people aboard the Titanic, only were saved. After more than a century of research and debate, what more is there to be learned about the sinking of the 'unsinkable' liner? Expert authors share some of the lesser-known revelations…. Too many myths and errors have leaked into the historical record. Initially, an entirely new timeline of the disaster had to be built, and previously unpublished or rarely seen survivor accounts incorporated. We worked with a worldwide team of noted researchers as our work proceeded, hashing out debatable subjects and trying to arrive at the conclusions best supported by evidence.

When the Titanic crashed into an iceberg and sank in the early hours of April 15, , the disaster inspired countless books, Titanic museum exhibits, several Hollywood films including one that earned a Best Picture Oscar , and a cottage industry of theories and memorials. The Titanic sinking became the most infamous shipwreck in history—but what really happened on that unusually calm night in the North Atlantic? Read on for some surprising Titanic facts. In the early 20th century, new technology and an increasing population of European immigrants allowed Britain's largest passenger steamship lines to build the biggest and most opulent ocean liners then known. Liverpool-based Cunard launched the two fastest and sleekest liners, the Mauretania in and the Lusitania in , capable of crossing the Atlantic Ocean in record time. The White Star Line, hoping to compete with its main rival, countered by ordering three massive ocean liners—the Olympic , Titanic , and Britannic. On board the RMS Titanic the "RMS" stood for "royal mail ship" , passengers could enjoy the swimming pool, squash and tennis courts, a gymnasium, sunrooms, fine dining rooms, and a Turkish bath.

Gareth May , Updated June 20, The Titanic was a mighty ship brought to its knees by an iceberg. And as is so often the case with the tragedies of humankind, they highlight not only our most shallow and cynical sides but also our most gallant and sympathetic sides as well. Here are ten lesser known tantalizing Titanic facts…. Dorothy Gibson was a pretty big deal in her time. A star of the silent-screen, alongside such luminaries as Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin, the first class passenger was a household name by the time she stepped on the Titanic.

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Please refresh the page and retry. With construction of a Titanic replica well underway in China , we've unearthed a few interesting facts about the original. The largest passenger vessel is now Harmony of the Seas, at The ship burned around tonnes of coal a day — hand shovelled into its furnaces by a team of men. Almost tonnes of ash were ejected into the sea every 24 hours. Facilities on board included a gym, pool, Turkish bath, a kennel for first class dogs, and a squash court. It even had its own on board newspaper — the Atlantic Daily Bulletin.

When the "Unsinkable Ship" sank on April 15, , the world was overcome with shock and sorrow. Over a century later, and the Titanic is still one of the most fascinating stories in history. Read on to learn facts you definitely didn't see in the movie. Only three of the four smoke stacks were actually functional. The extra one was just to make the ship look more impressive. The ship was equipped to hold

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  1. The Titanic is one of the most famous disasters in history. and articles, the ship and its passengers still hold secrets and little-known facts that.

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