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what is this is me about

This Is Me: Loving the Person You Are Today by Chrissy Metz

An inspirational book about life and its lessons from the Golden Globe and Emmy nominated star of NBC’s This Is Us.

When This Is Us debuted in fall 2016, a divided America embraced a show that celebrates human connection. The critically acclaimed series became America’s most watched—and most talked about—network show, even building on its fan base in the drama’s second season. As Kate Pearson, Chrissy Metz presents a character that has never been seen on television, yet viewers see themselves in her, no matter what they look like or where they come from. Considered a role model just for being her authentic self, Chrissy found herself on magazine covers and talk shows, walking red carpets, and as the subject of endless conversations on social media “I don’t know what you’ve been through to play her,” she is often told by fans, “but it was something.”

In This is Me, Chrissy Metz shares her story with a raw honesty that will leave readers both surprised but also inspired. Infused with the same authenticity she brings to her starring role, Chrissy’s This is Me is so much more than your standard Hollywood memoir or collection of personal essays. She embraces the spirit of Shonda Rhimes’ Year of Yes, and shares how she has applied the lessons she learned from both setbacks and successes. A born entertainer, Chrissy finds light in even her darkest moments, and leaves the reader feeling they are spending time with a friend who gets it.

Chrissy Metz grew up in a large family, one that always seemed to be moving, and growing. Her father disappeared one day, leaving her mother to work a series of menial jobs and his children to learn to live with the threat of hunger and the electricity being cut off. When her mother remarried, Chrissy hoped for “normal” but instead experienced a form of mental pain that seemed crafted just for her. The boys who showed her attention did so with strings attached as well, and Chrissy accepted it, because for her, love always came with conditions.

When she set out for Los Angeles, it was the first time she had been away from her family and from Florida. And for years, she got barely an audition. So how does a woman with the deck stacked against her radiate such love, beauty and joy? This too is at the heart of This is Me.

With chapters that alternate from autobiographical to instructional, Chrissy offers practical applications of her hard-won insights in a series of “Bee Mindful” interstitials. There she invites you to embrace gratitude in “Say Thank You” or to be honest with your partner and yourself in “The Shrouded Supreme.” Blending love and experience, Chrissy encourages us all to claim our rightful place in a world that may be trying to knock us down, find our own unique gifts, and pursue our dreams.
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Keala Settle, Kesha & Missy Elliott - This Is Me (The Reimagined Remix) [Official Lyric Video]

This Is Me (Keala Settle song)

Barnum, played by Hugh Jackman, has just found an amazing new singer whose talent has helped him to gain favour with the upper classes. So he abandons his circus performers. The performers are feeling pretty miserable that their careers are probably over. But then, they decide to stand up for themselves and fight back against the local mobs who continue to torment them. A mighty power ballad requires a mighty pair of lungs — which here belong to Hawaiian singer and actress Keala Settle, who plays the Bearded Lady, Lettie Lutz. By the time she was five she had sideburns and a moustache. In rehearsals, on set, in the studio, I may have gotten through it twice without crying because it affects me in such a strong way.

Perhaps the signature song of the Hugh Jackman-starring, P. We knew the kind of voice she had. The Oddities, as their name implies, are largely people whose unusual qualities have made it difficult for them to be accepted by society at large, especially in the s. In rehearsals, on set, in the studio, I may have gotten through it twice without crying because it affects me in such a strong way. Gracey says the composition process continued even on the flight from New York to Los Angeles for the presentation. It was so powerful, she had the room just rapt.

It's important to know that the original Barnum circus, as depicted in the film, is a far cry from modern-day circuses, with clowns and pyrotechnics and trapeze artists. They were called "freak shows" because they showcased people that the larger society saw as, well, "freaks". In the film, Barnum is positioned as a white savior, the man who comes in and gives this black woman with a beard and dwarf in a Napoleon uniform their chance to be seen. Whether you think P. Barnum as opportunist or genius is the key to whether or not you'll be able to stomach this musical.

The Hugh Jackman film puts a spotlight on the marginalized and disenfranchised.

F rom the outside, This Is Me — the unavoidably catchy, rousing ballad of self-emancipation at the heart of the PT Barnum musical The Greatest Showman — is an understandable hit, even to the most cynical. You can see why this song has become a sleeper hit in our age of identity politics: no matter your race, sexuality, gender or beard quality, you have a right to space in this world. It is moving, in the same way a gospel choir can be to an atheistic crowd.

Following the film's global release, the song charted within the top five in the United Kingdom, the top ten in Australia, Ireland, Malaysia, and South Korea and the top twenty in Belgium Flanders and New Zealand. Kesha 's version of the song was released on December 22, A music video of the Reimagined Remix was released on December 20, At the talent show, Timmy raps Missy Elliott's second verse while the song is played over him, then J'Shawn showcases his dance moves, and finally Olivia sings the bridge to the song and all three are met with praise. The video was directed by Jared Hogan.

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  1. Halfway through the narrative, Barnum momentarily shuns his discoveries, literally slamming the door in their faces at a high-society reception.

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