Andy goldsworthy facts about his work

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andy goldsworthy facts about his work

Andy Goldsworthy: Projects by Andy Goldsworthy

Andy Goldsworthy: Projects presents more than 40 of the artist’s recent large-scale sculptural work from around the world. Using local materials—including stone, clay, and wood—Goldsworthy’s projects are inspired by and interact with the natural landscape. Each project subjects Goldsworthy’s ideas about the work to the brute facts and forces of nature: sunlight, sedimentation, tides, erosion, extremes of heat and cold, and plant growth and decay. Situated mostly throughout Europe and the United States, Goldsworthy’s projects are as beautiful as they are thought-provoking. Each one is accompanied with notes by the artist, and many have not been published previously.
Andy Goldsworthy: Projects is a companion volume to Andy Goldsworthy: Ephemeral Works (2015).
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Magical Land Art By Andy Goldsworthy

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Facts about Andy Goldsworthy 1: Education

Andy Goldsworthy: Projects

Do you know Andy Goldsworthy? Facts about Andy Goldsworthy will inform you about a british scuptor. Andy was born on July 26, in Cheshire, England. Fredrick Alan Goldworthy is his father and his mother is Muriel Goldworthy. Natural sculptures, environmental, and land art were produced outside by him. It means that his work is temporary.

July 25 , Also Known For : Photographer. Cheshire , England , United Kingdom. Andy Goldsworthy is an award-winning British environmentalist, sculptor, and photographer. Born on July 26, , he is known for producing site-specific sculpture and land art at its natural and urban setting. Inspired by the works of Robert Smithson as well as thes and s artists, Andy Goldsworthy crafts his installations out of rocks, branches and ice with the hope that it will change the landscape. Andy Goldsworthy then documents the process and results, photograph and the exhibit them.

Nature is not something separate from us. So, when we say that we have lost our connection to nature, we've lost our connection to ourselves. A sculptor and photographer, Andy Goldsworthy not only works with nature, but in nature. Rather than building monumental constructions on or out of the land, Goldsworthy works almost telepathically with nature, rearranging its natural forms in such a way as to enhance rather than detract from their beauty. Often quite small in scale, his poetic site-specific pieces are made from ephemeral or organic materials - dandelion flowers lain in a ring or icicles perched on a rock - and then documented through gorgeous color photographs.

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