15 facts about michael jackson

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15 facts about michael jackson

Michael Jackson Quotes (15 quotes)

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Published 09.12.2018

15 Things You Didn't Know About Michael Jordan

Here are 25 rare facts about Michael Jackson that you didn't know before this Ok, we'll start you off with something easy. It won't come as a surprise that Michael Jackson is the most awarded artist of all time.

10 surprising facts about Michael Jackson, the ultimate King of Pop

He had the x-factor, music expertise and exploited them in areas like never before. His biggest USP was that his songs were as good as his videos, which is a rare combination in the music world. Born To A Boxer. His father, Joseph Jackson, was a boxer, steelworker, and a guitarist but to provide for his family, he worked as a crane operator. He had a big family with 3 sisters and 5 brothers. Disturbed Childhood. He faced physical and emotional abuse during unceasing rehearsals.

48. Thanks I Guess?

After Michael Jackson's hair was accidentally set on fire during the shooting of a Pepsi commercial in , he chose not to sue but instead asked Pepsi to fund the creation of a burn center., Michael Jackson spent most of his life in the spotlight, but there are still some interesting facts that have slipped through the cracks.

Today August 29 marks Michael Jackson's 60th birthday. Passing away over nine years ago just weeks shy of his This Is It residency at London's O2 Arena, Michael's music has continued to captivate fans old and new, and is as relevant now as it always has been. Reid — gave him a 10th UK Number 1 album. With a career as long and as public as Michael's you might think there was nothing left to discover about the King of Pop, but fear not, we've got some surprising — and some not so surprising but still pretty interesting tbh — facts for you. No biggie for the KoP.

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  1. Michael Jackson, “The King of Pop,” transformed the face of pop music and popular culture. He had the x-factor, music expertise and exploited.

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