Novels about power and control

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novels about power and control

Popular Theme Power Control Books

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The Power of Concentration - Audio Book

Top 10 Books About Power

One in four women will experience domestic violence. We all know a woman whose life is dominated and controlled by her partner and we might not even realise it. Many women find themselves in the thrall of the Charm Syndrome Man, a man whose distinct pattern of behaviour and use of charm ultimately serves to gain control over the woman. In the new edition of her classic work, Sandra Horley CBE draws on almost four decades supporting abused women to provide an insight into the reality behind the mask of the charming man. The book's aim is to show women they are not alone and to help them walk away from the confusing, dangerous situation they find themselves in.

For almost as long as books have existed, books about power have been written to help people seize and maintain control.
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Brave New World Aldous Huxley

By Radclyffe Hall. Garden City: Double-day, Page, and Company. His remark was outrageous, because, in the fight of their factories and steamboats and systems of religion, they knew he was right.

At the beginning of the novel it is clear that protagonist Winston Smith remains incarcerated mentally and physically, which is reflected by the omniscient, authoritarian controls of Big Brother. This novel has a denouement that you will never forget. The concept of potential insurrectionism features as a prevailing theme amongst the students of the world and we are constantly presented with a juxtaposition of conformity and potential insurgence. As fire fighters destroy the literary outlets of their world, which are prohibited, a clandestine fight to protect and free the written word ensues. It is a novel that juxtaposes the individual thoughts, feelings and self-expression of protagonist D and the One State city in which freedoms and liberties are not permitted. A tussle between the free will of our diary-writing protagonist and the state, which controls its citizens, We presents us with a world of surveillance and control that is wholly omnipotent.

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