A poem about meeting someone special

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a poem about meeting someone special

Bob Marley Quotes (Author of Bob Marley - Legend)

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Poem for my special someone ?? Romantic Love Message ??

Meeting Someone New - Poem by unfathomable love

In any relationship, there are some things left unsaid. I miss you. Thank you. But poetry, with its words and its metaphors can help us say them in a softer, more beautiful way. Come in your favorite Julius Meinl participating location, get inspired and find the courage to say the unsaid thing to a lover, a friend or anybody who holds a special place in your heart. Have a coffee together and get inspired to do that with a poem! Each of our experiment participants has a deep bond with their beloved one, and yet still some feelings are left unsaid between them.

Submit your work, meet writers and drop the ads. Tommy Randell Dec To loosen with my bare hands the wide air between us in explaining something of meaning I almost feel I am pulling flesh from the living and moving moments possible here. It is somehow breaking the natural order of things to use words alone of all viable means in setting out the wind-waves and rivulets of ideas internally flowing - but I must try and get something out for once. I circle in bad phrases prickling with the itchiness of sharing, I send out a few vague words horrified and perplexed at their translation now they are naked knowing you too listen and they are at last unalterable. Talk travels the spaces between us through the clear air in the kind of silence surviving bones may know swinging in a wind.

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To Someone Special

Inspirational Words of Wisdom. Short Love Poems Express your affection by sharing these short love poems with someone you hold dear. Share them with someone that you care about and think the world of. Never take relationships for granted, always let the other person know how you feel; express your affection and appreciation to the one you love; sending or giving them a poem is a great way to express your thankfulness and appreciation for them being a part of your life! You will find lyrics for him and for her.

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  1. Friendship Poems for someone special in your life. Poems about Love and You may meet a person and instantly know that you will be best friends forever.

  2. There are no words to describe how beautiful she is, or how special she is, or my love for her.

  3. Made for someone who became very special to me. To you I give the whole me, For I believe that you're my destiny. To you I offer every best of my heart, For I.

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