I don t take naps

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i don t take naps

Big Brothers Dont Take Naps by Louise Borden

Nicholas looks up to his big brother, James. James does all kinds of things that only older brothers can do—like write his name, read books, cross the street, and ride the school bus. But there’s one thing James doesn’t do: take a nap. Because big brothers don’t take naps. James assures Nicholas that someday he’ll be able to do all the things James does. And when the brothers begin to share a very special secret, it looks like that special day may be approaching very soon….
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Published 18.12.2018

Why I Can't Take Naps

Nowadays, we are so caught up in our daily schedules, that naps have become essential to some of us.
Louise Borden

11 Tricks for Taking a Nap that Energizes You

I love naps. I think most of us do. Especially on Saturday afternoon, while watching golf. Have you ever noticed that golf is the perfect show for napping? Must be all that soft talking they do….

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Home Sleep. Every product is independently selected by our editors. If you buy something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission. Sleep experts have found that the length of your nap has a huge effect on how alert you feel afterward. It all has to do with sleep cycles. A quick power nap should last between 10 and 26 minutes it gets this specific for a reason: NASA scientists found that a minute nap improved pilot performance by 34 percent and alertness by 54 percent. An hour-long nap will trigger rapid eye movement REM sleep, which helps improve memory, and a minute snooze will get you through a full sleep cycle, which can boost creativity and emotional memory, the scientists said.

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  1. Study after study has shown that napping can lead to improved performance, reduced stress and can even make us more creative. I'm the type.

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