Dr who robots of death part 1

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dr who robots of death part 1

Doctor Who and the Robots of Death by Terrance Dicks

On a desert planet the giant sandminer crawls through the howling sandstorms, harvesting the valuable minerals in the sand.

Inside, the humans relax in luxury, while most of the work is done by the robots who serve them.

Then the Fourth Doctor and Leela arrive – and the mysterious deaths begin. First suspects, then hunted victims, Leela and the Doctor must find the hidden killer – or join the other victims of the Robots of Death.
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Special Feature - Mouse - Doctor Who - The Robots of Death

The Robots of Death: Part One

Episode number 37 in which Dan and Eric attempt to solve the mystery of who's behind all the robot murders, get stomach tattoos, and have their free stuff in the PO BOX prayers answered Thanks Steve! Player FM is scanning the web for high-quality podcasts for you to enjoy right now. It's the best podcast app and works on Android, iPhone, and the web. Signup to sync subscriptions across devices. Your subcriptions will sync with your account on this website too. Podcast smart and easy with the app that refuses to compromise.


Robots attack their masters aboard a Sandminer in this immaculately crafted whodunnit — "my Desert Island Who". By Mark Braxton. - Doctor Who can sometimes be a little mired in its own stock formula, which is to pit the Doctor against some relatively narrow set of science-fictional menaces—a megalomaniacal mad scientist, an army of alien monsters, or some combination thereof. During the first few Fourth Doctor seasons especially, the preferred way was to use the standard Doctor Who formula as a base for exploring other genres that had their own set of expectations and rules, to see what sparks would fly when they collided.

Though synaesthesia can be something of a gift or hindrance to people who are born with, it is also possible to see it as a psychological option when categorising elements of everyday life. Perhaps unconsciously aware that an object or thing is producing a stimulus associated with another sense entirely, the phenomena of people rationalising something like music into colour has been around for centuries. It is with this slightly academic approach that leads to another topic of discussion within Doctor Who; can someone see an episode or story in a particular colour or more specifically, a colour outside of the visual palette of the story? As fans, we are some of the most meticulous in putting things in form and order. DVD sleeves must often be exact in order. We go out of the way to buy new editions of stories already owned simply because the cover has been updated to fit the, now formalised, colour constructs and pictures that represent each Doctor.

This serial begins in the recreation room of a giant sandminer ship belonging to a civilisation utterly dependent on robots. The workers discuss the urban legend of a guy whose arm was ripped off by a robot massaging him. But of course, they all know the robots have tons of safety systems in place and that they could never kill a human, right? Just then, the robots announce that they've detected a sandstorm, which stirs up ores in the sand that are worth a fortune. One poor Red Shirt , Chub, goes into the storage room to collect instruments for a weather balloon when he's strangled by Thus begins a round of Agatha Christie -style paranoid accusations. Enter the Fourth Doctor and Leela, who materialize in one of the sandminer's scoops.

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  1. The Fourth Doctor and Leela arrive via TARDIS on "Storm Mine 4", a large the murders, with the Doctor convinced one of the robots is behind it. The Doctor uses the spare parts to construct a deactivator that will shut down all.

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