Massage therapist hand self care

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massage therapist hand self care

Save Your Hands!: Injury Prevention for Massage Therapists by Lauriann Greene

Save Your Hands! is the complete guide to injury prevention and self-care for massage therapists. Purchased by hundreds of massage schools across the U.S. and Canada for their students, the book has been the leading self-care manual for massage professionals and students in 7 countries for over 10 years. This ground-breaking, critically-acclaimed book has helped tens of thousands of massage therapists to understand the risk of massage-related injury and learn how to protect their most important tools - their hands - throughout a long, healthy massage career. All massage practitioners, from those first learning techniques to the most experienced therapists, can benefit from the practical, medically-sound advice provided in Save Your Hands.

Massage therapy is a physically demanding career with a very high injury rate. Over 3/4s of practising massage therapists experience symptoms of injury at some point in their careers. Burn-out rates are so high that the average career in massage lasts only 7 years. Burnout and injury ARE preventable, if you know how to recognize the warning signs, change techniques and work habits, and seek early treatment. Save Your Hands will show you how to work smart instead of hard, to manage stress and pressure in the workplace and stay in shape to do this physical work, so you CAN have a long, successful massage career.

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Self Massage & Stretches for Carpal Tunnel Pain Relief & Prevention, Stretch Arms & Hands, ASMR

There are many reasons why people choose to become massage therapists, including the opportunity to help people, flexible working hours and relaxing work environments, often in some fairly exotic locations.
Lauriann Greene

Massage Therapist Self-Care: The Sore Thumb

For us to properly practice healing our clients we must take care of ourselves as well. The most critical of these is the notorious sore thumb. Our healing hands are our livelihood and using them regularly will undoubtedly cause aches and strains to occur over time. We at Massage Heights have a few tips that will keep your hands in tip-top shape. A sore thumb is the most common pain amongst massage therapists. There are various tips to promote self-healing, and Massage Heights has selected a few to promote pain-free thumbs for massage therapists.

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This this is where self-care comes into play. Therefore, self-care is basically any action you can take that helps you feel better mentally and physically. What types of items are in them? The American Council on Exercise ACE explains that foam rollers help reduce the risk of adhesions while also reducing muscle tightness and increasing range of motion. All of these can benefit a busy massage therapist who spends his or her day working in various physical positions.

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Sports Massage for Wrist Pain, Hands & Arms, Carpal Tunnel, Prevent Injury, Advanced Techniques

Massage therapists tend to try too hard when both taking on, and working on clients, putting their hands at risk of repetitive strain injuries. We will look at six ways to protect your hands in order to extend your massage therapy career for years to come. As massage therapists, we are reluctant to admit that we are experiencing pain and injuries in our hands and arms. After all, we are supposed to know how to avoid it or at least how to treat it. These days, the need to work more and more just to make ends meet is a real factor in our decisions about taking on more and more clients. These economic influences, along with our natural desire to help more people — and help each person more — tends to combine to create a perfect storm in which we do more than we should. It takes a toll on our bodies.

Feb 19, AM. Massage therapists work to help people feel their very best, because when a person feels their best they can give their best to the world too. Massage therapy can be a comfortable, rewarding, and long-lasting career. There are some ways to help you achieve this with a greater sense of ease because the work that you do should feel good for you. The last thing you want is to get burnt out or injured from overwork. In this article, we'll give you 7 key tips for massage therapist self-care.


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  1. Massage therapy career longevity is only possible with diligent self-care of the wrists and hands.

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