Top ten snipers in history

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top ten snipers in history

Best Books about Snipers and Sniping (31 books)

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Published 17.12.2018

Snipers Kills Taliban during Operation Helmand Viper in Afghanistan

He specializes in Russian and Ukrainian History. I was in-country a long time, in a very hot area. In one encounter, Mawhinney was even credited with dropping an entire enemy platoon approximately 16 enemy soldiers in one sitting.
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List of snipers

Snipers are a special breed, warriors with a combination of shooting skill, cunning, and patience. His warfighting career ended when he was wounded by an anti-tank mine in and sent home. Chuck Mawhinney served from in the Marine Corps. According to a Los Angeles Times article , he spent 16 months in Vietnam. Some Marine recruiter did his country a service with that call. As a member of the 9th Infantry Division, he was assigned to PBR boats patrolling the Mekong Delta, at one point making a confirmed kill from a moving boat at yards.

Snipers spend most of their time protecting friendly troops and engaging enemy riflemen. Still, snipers have faced off in tense, life and death battles. Here are 6 legendary cases where snipers hunted one another. Marine legend Gunnery Sgt. In one sniper duel, Hathcock found the trail of an NVA sniper hunting him. While following the sniper, Hathcock tripped over a tree and gave away his position. The men maneuvered against each other and Hathcock eventually caught sight of a glint in the brush.

Here, Tapio Saarelainen shares the story of the Finnish sniper and how he achieved his nickname 'White Death'. According to an American study, an average of 7, rifle-caliber shots were required to achieve one combat kill during the First World War. During the Vietnam War this number had increased to more than 25, He remains the deadliest sniper who ever lived. This area was in the old Finnish region of Karelia, which is now Russian territory. He was a farmer by profession and enjoyed several different hobbies, including snow-skiing, hunting and shooting. The Winter War broke out when he was 33 years old and on 17 December , he celebrated his 34th birthday on the Kollaa battlefield.

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There have been many great snipers in history and who can take the title of the greatest is a topic of debate. He got his nickname from the Red Army, the very people he was fighting against, which just goes to show what a phenomenal sniper he must have been. He has been credited with a mindboggling reported kills, which is actually the highest number of confirmed sniper kills in the history for any major war. His one year in the army taught him a lot, and he made the best of his time there, even being promoted to the rank of corporal in only a year! He would practice shooting at targets in his free time, and used a Russian-built rifle, the Mosin-Nagant bolt-action M And he only got better and better, which led to the spectacular results during the Winter War. His commander was Major General Uiluo Toumpo, and they were up against the 9 th and the 14 th Soviet armies.

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  1. Charles Benjamin “Chuck” Mawhinney was a former United States Marine who served sixteen months in the military during the Vietnam War. As a sniper, Mawhinney is credited with having confirmed kills (a Marine Corps’ record), with probable kills. Mawhinney was the son of a.

  2. Snipers are a special breed, warriors with a combination of shooting skill, cunning, and patience.

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