Why do i get freckles on my face

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why do i get freckles on my face

Freckles Quotes (27 quotes)

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Published 17.12.2018

Why Do We Get Freckles?

Why Do We Get Freckles?

Freckles are tan or light brown spots on your skin. Unlike moles, which are raised, freckles are flat. No one is born with freckles, even though they may be genetic. If you have freckles and want to get rid of them, here are seven ways to consider. The American Academy of Dermatology offers these tips:.

What causes freckles?

Freckled skin is common, but few people are aware of what really causes these little brown specks and how to look after them. The colour of freckles is caused by a pigment called melanin. The more time you spend in the sun, the more melanin is produced, which is why you might notice more skin freckles after being outside on a sunny day. Genes also play a big part in who gets freckles. Nobody is born with freckles, but they usually start to develop during childhood and sometimes vanish during adulthood as we get older. Anybody can have freckled skin, but the colour of the specks may be lighter or darker depending on your hair and skin colour. People with red-coloured hair and fair skin are more likely to have freckles, but this is just one of many factors that affect whether skin freckles.

Registered in Ireland: This question was sent in by seven year old Daniel; he would like to know… how and why do we get freckles? Freckles are fairly common, especially in people with fair complexions but people with darker complexions can get them too. Before we look at how and why they appear, we need to first consider what they are? Freckles are small spots on the skin, they are usually tan or light brown in colour. Unlike moles or some birth marks, freckles are flat on our skin.

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