Interesting facts about jane goodall

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interesting facts about jane goodall

Who Is Jane Goodall? by Roberta Edwards

A life in the wild!

Jane Goodall, born in London, England, always loved animals and wanted to study them in their natural habitats. So at age twenty-six, off she went to Africa! Goodalls up-close observations of chimpanzees changed what we know about them and paved the way for many female scientists who came after her. Now her story comes to life in this biography with black-and-white illustrations throughout.
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Jane Goodall - Animal Rights Activist - Mini Bio - BIO

10 Interesting Facts about Jane Goodall.

She immersed herself in their lives, bypassing more rigid procedures to make discoveries about primate behavior that have continued to shape scientific discourse. Through these programs, Goodall challenged scientists to redefine the long-held "differences" between humans and other primates. In , additional footage from the Miss Goodall shooting was pieced together for Jane , a documentary that included recent interviews with the famed activist to create a more encompassing narrative of her experiences with the chimps. Many of Goodall's endeavors are conducted under the auspices of the Jane Goodall Institute for Wildlife Research, Education and Conservation, a nonprofit organization that promotes the protection of chimpanzees and strong environmental practices. Founded in , the organization is based in Virginia but boasts some two dozen offices around the world.

That's Jane Goodall, and her story's on of the behavior of higher primates would yield important evolutionary information.
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Interesting Facts about Jane Goodall

Jane loves animals even as a child. When she is just over one year old, her father gives her a toy chimpanzee, in honour of a baby chimpanzee born at the London Zoo. Friends warn her parents that such a gift will cause nightmares for a child. However, Jane loves the toy and names the chimpanzee Jubilee, carrying it with her everywhere. At the age of just five, Jane hides for hours in a henhouse to discover where the eggs come from, unaware her family is frantically searching for her. Upon Jane's return to the house, Jane's mother sees how excited she is and rather than scolding her, instead sits down to listen as Jane tells her story. Jane dreamt of living in Africa to watch and write about animals.

Jane Goodall is considered the most important expert on chimpanzees in the world. This primatologist was born to a middle-class family in Bournemouth, England, where she grew up. When she was 23, she traveled to Kenya and started to work with the famous anthropologist Louis Leakey. She was sent to London to study primate behavior and primate anatomy with two recognized anthropologists. Two years later, Leaky sent her to Gombe, Tanzania, with the objective of studying the chimpanzees of the area. She went there with her mother and a cook.

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  1. Jane Goodall not only made lasting contributions to science and chimpanzee research, Learn ten interesting facts about Jane Goodall below.

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