Le ton beau de marot

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le ton beau de marot

Le Ton beau de Marot: In Praise of the Music of Language by Douglas R. Hofstadter

In which Hofstadter attempts to bottle lightning a second time. But where Godel, Escher, Bach excelled in its loose and free-associative style, in its detailed probing of diverse disciplines, which become interrelated in surprising an interesting ways, Le Ton Beau De Marot feels like a deep dive into a comparatively shallow pool. Hofstadter bottoms-out fairly quickly, and spends a lot of time treading water, paddling aimlessly in great circles. The subject matter (or at least the author’s treatment of it) does not justify this level of detail.

That’s not to say that Le Ton Beau De Marot doesn’t contain a host of fascinating insights into the wonders of language and translation – it absolutely does, and for these the book is worth reading. But it is heavily mired in the author’s self-indulgences. The book is deeply autobiographical – frustratingly so. It is bogged down with endless personal anecdotes, many of which are only tangentially related to the subject at hand (If you open the book to just about any random page, you will find it heavily peppered with the pronoun “I”). Frankly, most of these vignettes are not particularly interesting, and make the author seem self-absorbed. It’s unfortunate, but what primarily came across to me in this book was not a love of language, but a writer in love with the sound of his own words and thoughts.
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Le Ton Beau De Marot

Lost in an art the art of translation. That double entendre foreshadows the linguistic exuberance of this book, which was sparked a decade ago when Hofstadter, under the spell of an exquisite French miniature by Marot, got hooked on the challenge of recreating both its sweet message and its tight rhymes in English jumping through two tough hoops at once. In the next few years, he not only did many of his own translations of Marot's poem, but also enlisted friends, students, colleagues, family, noted poets, and translators even three state-of-the-art translation programs! The rich harvest is represented here by 88 wildly diverse variations on Marot's little theme. Yet this barely scratches the surface of Le Ton beau de Marot , for small groups of these poems alternate with chapters that run all over the map of language and thought. Not merely a set of translations of one poem, Le Ton beau de Marot is an autobiographical essay, a love letter to the French language, a series of musings on life, loss, and death, a sweet bouquet of stirring poetry but most of all, it celebrates the limitless creativity fired by a passion for the music of words.

Douglas R. Du kanske gillar. The Testaments Margaret Atwood Inbunden. Spara som favorit. Skickas inom vardagar. Lost in an art,the art of translation.

Le ton beau de Marot

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The Wednesday Book Club is an ongoing initiative of mine to write a book review every week. I invite you to peruse the index. For more on Le Ton beau de Marot , keep reading below. At over pages, Le Ton beau de Marot is as thorough a case as one is likely to find for the argument at its nucleus: that poetic form is an integral conveyor of poetic meaning. The translations vary in tone, idiom, semantic liberties, and respect for formal constraints: late in the book, we encounter everything from second-order translations e. French-Italian translations juxtaposed with English explications of the Italian text to the strained attempts of computer programs designed to translate technical documents. All of this is a basis for a discussion of just about anything Hofstadter can relate to translation.

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