Short story a problem by anton chekhov summary

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short story a problem by anton chekhov summary

A Problem by Anton Chekhov

This book is interesting. It talks about how a person is not what it seems, and how it looks. Its about a man that committed a crime, but his family are supporting him. There are three family members of this man that want to protect the family last name and to keep the class that they have already carried. It also talks about how those members some want to set him as a prisoner, and how other ones want to forgive him and to pay the crime for him

This story teaches the reader that not everyone is how it supposed to be and how they look. (view spoiler)[Because in this book the main character (Sasha) that committed the crime and the one who steal the money in the bank told his family members that he was going to change, and that it will never happen again, and the end he actually betray them. He knew that he was wrong and he admitted, as he said it: Now I see that Iam a criminal; yes I am a criminal (hide spoiler)]

Perhaps this story help me to understand that not even family is loyal to you. Also I learned that even when a person fells sorry for any bad things they did, it always exists the possibility that at one point of their life they will go back and do it again. This story talks about the importance of the morality in the family. I think that when you talk about morality in a family it is a serious thing and that people should be concern about that, that its your family and that you cant betray them. But as I mentioned, you never know what happens until it happens.

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The Bet by Anton Chekhov - Short Story

What is the plot summary in A Problem by Anton Chekhov?

THE strictest measures were taken that the Uskovs' family secret might not leak out and become generally known. Half of the servants were sent off to the theatre or the circus; the other half were sitting in the kitchen and not allowed to leave it. Orders were given that no one was to be admitted. The wife of the Colonel, her sister, and the governess, though they had been initiated into the secret, kept up a pretence of knowing nothing; they sat in the dining-room and did not show themselves in the drawing-room or the hall. Sasha Uskov, the young man of twenty-five who was the cause of all the commotion, had arrived some time before, and by the advice of kind-hearted Ivan Markovitch, his uncle, who was taking his part, he sat meekly in the hall by the door leading to the study, and prepared himself to make an open, candid explanation. The other side of the door, in the study, a family council was being held. The subject under discussion was an exceedingly disagreeable and delicate one.

The story concerns what happens when a forged IOU note affects a family. Chekov explores the notion that individuals are often unsure of themselves and that there should be consequences for bad behavior. Sasha Uskov has written a promissory note that he cannot pay, cashing it a local bank. Now that the note is overdue, his uncles are debating what to do. The uncles are reactive to Sasha.

Throughout "A Problem" Chekhov exposes the conflict in philosophies as it pertains to civic duty vs. Overall the author presents an underlying theme that exposes the true nature of the criminal mind and the feeling of shame of embarrassment that occurs when a relative betrays the trust of the one that believes in him the most. The characteristics of Sasha and the interactions between his uncles add to the events in the story and plot development by revealing Sasha personal thoughts about himself and the trajectory of his life. In fact, Chekhov's representation of Sasha's thought patterns add a great deal to the events in the story. Sasha's personal monologue, for instance, exposes the reader to the young man's thought process. Sasha is indifferent about the situation and he has lost hope. Chekhov is showing the reader that the young man has indeed had a great deal of difficulty growing up; so much so that he now sees his future as black regardless of how his uncles choose to handle the situation.

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  1. The Colonel believes that Sasha should be punished and face the consequences for what he had done by going to jail and serving his time, which is where he would probably die.

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