I can die peacefully now

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i can die peacefully now

Death And Dying Quotes (982 quotes)

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Published 17.12.2018

I can die peacefully now...

How to Die Peacefully: Ensuring a peaceful death for a loved one

Sadhguru looks at what care must be taken to ensure a peaceful death for a loved one, and explains how Indian culture has set up various processes for those looking at how to die peacefully. Questioner: I have a parent who is nearing her death. What is the best way to prepare her for a peaceful death? Sadhguru: Everywhere in the world, people have talked about how to die peacefully. All they are talking about is they do not want to die in a choppy manner; they want to recede gently. To take away the choppiness of death, one simple thing you can do is to have a lamp preferably with ghee but you can also use butter burning constantly, 24 hours of the day next to that person. This creates a certain aura so that the choppy nature of withdrawal can be regulated to some extent.

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Nearly 6, people die each year from it, according to the Sarcoma Foundation of America. As a result, I have dedicated much of my remaining life to raising awareness about sarcoma via a blog, YouTube videos and playing semiprofessional poker wearing sarcoma education gear. Sarcoma has taken a huge toll on my health, but also on my family and personal life. After my diagnosis, I felt like a different person. Our marriage fell apart and we separated, but we are amicable now. She has sole ownership of the business and takes care of our 9-year-old son.

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  1. A phrase used when you have accomplished everything you've set out to do. By uttering this phrase, you are implying that there is nothing else left for you to do.

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