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james garner net worth 2018

Absolute All-Star Superman by Grant Morrison

This is a stunning achievement that fans and non-fans of Superman will enjoy. Itís restrained, subtle, nostalgic, and gorgeously illustrated.

I dont know what is and isnt considered a spoiler for this book, so Ill err on the side of caution. Superman is delivered some fateful news involving a situation orchestrated by his arch nemesis (hows that?), and he proceeds to reflect on his life, his choices, and the people that are close to him. As he does this, events unfold beyond his control which lead to increasingly exciting adventures. While each chapter almost feels self-contained, one begets the other and you realize that in fact theyre all leading to a purposefully unified whole and ending.

As this is a standalone mini-series, All Star Superman is kind of its own world. Frank Quitely, at the top of his illustrating game, creates this vintage, Golden Age-inspired Superman. At one point, even the very first Superman logo makes an appearance. Which is why going back and reading these characters through comic history will help you spot Easter eggs placed by character-history obsessed writers like Grant Morrison. Much like his epic run on Batman, Morrison draws from Supermans long history, incorporating various villains, characters, objects, designs and plot points for a truly unique reading experience.

Morrison writes these characters extremely well, with maybe the exception of Lois Lane. She is such a classic and vital presence in Superman stories, and I just didnt love her characterization here. Shes often rude, sarcastic, cold, yet capable of warmth, kindness, and love. My Superman knowledge is limited (but growing), so I dont know if this is true to character, but I felt that she came on too strong and should have been written more moderately.

Lois Lane aside, Morrisons Superman is by far the most dynamic version Ive ever seen. Hes smart, strong, humorous, subtle, altruistic, sad, angry, weak, and full of regret. The most human Ive ever seen him, which is so great because thats exactly who he tries to be. Then theres quirky, desperate, funny, cross-dressing (gay?) Jimmy Olsen. Bullheaded Arthur White. Manly jokester Steve Lombard. And kind, simple Jonathan and Martha Kent.

And of course we come to the also well-written Lex Luthor. Arrogant, sharp, witty, thirsty for revenge. While he has that evil for evils sake facade, hes really fleshed out, a man whos been defeated one too many times and devotes his entire life to destroying his natural born enemy. You have to admire his dedication, and hes pretty ruthless despite his congenial appearance.

I also really enjoyed the cerebral moments, even if I didnt fully understand them. The whole Bizarro Cube World with the Bizarros and Zibarro (not Sbarro) Supermen and the crazy opposite way they talk. I no hated no that part! The Underverse. P.R.O.J.E.C.T. and their experiments. The strange pink world at the end. And all the crazy gadgets like the Doomsday Gun. Morrison has an appreciation for the wacky sci-fi stuff and I just love it.

Some quotes:
...The measure of a man lies not in what he says but what he does.
Fear is the sauce on the steak of life...!
Question: What happens when the unstoppable force meets the immovable object?
Call me nasty...
After bodily death, as neoconlab studies confirm, individual awareness persists for a time and builds for itself thought-palaces or complex hells to inhabit...

Its focused yet epic, light yet deep, new yet old. Somehow Morrison takes everything you know about Superman, everything classic, gives it a slight twist, shoves it into the staggering artwork of Frank Quitely, and out comes this one of a kind, are you ready for it masterpiece.
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James Garner Biography

Garner was born in Norman, Oklahoma on April 7, In a fruitful career spanning more than five decades, Garner made a name for himself as the crafty good guy ever since he first appeared on screen in the mids.
Grant Morrison

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He starred in several television series over more than five decades, including popular roles such as Bret Maverick in the s western series Maverick and as Jim Rockford in the s private detective show, The Rockford Files. Garner's career and popularity continued through another decade in movies like Space Cowboys with Clint Eastwood , and The Notebook Garner was reunited with his family in , when Weldon remarried. Garner's father remarried several times. He said that his stepmother also punished him by forcing him to wear a dress in public. When he was 14 years old, he fought with her, knocking her down and choking her to keep her from killing him in retaliation.

In , however, just one day after their year wedding anniversary, the couple announced they were calling it quits. While fans were shocked, Affleck and Garner have proven just how well exes can actually get along while co-parenting their three children, Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel. All in all, it seems their divorce went as smoothly as you can hope in their situation. However, when it came to their money, Garner and Affleck reportedly used a mediator and business managers to work out their assets. We have answers, ahead.

James Garner Net Worth


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