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A Southern Belle Primer, Or Why Princess Margaret Will Never Be A Kappa Kappa Gamma by Maryln Schwartz

I have a lovely Southern belle co-worker who lent me her copy of this very funny book. Tips such as these are helpful:

Want to know if someone is a real Southern belle? Just look in her cupboard. If shes got an iced tea pitcher and a deviled egg plate, you can bet shes as Southern as tomato aspic.

My dear, this is something you must always remember. Your bosom can be fake. Your smile can be fake and your hair color can be fake. But your pearls and your silver must always be real.
- South Carolina Grandmother talking to her Granddaughter

Important vocabulary for the Southern belle:
Lovely - She comes from a lovely family.
Precious - A high compliment. Arent you just the most precious thing?
Darlin - Also a high compliment, to be used along with precious for better emphasis. How is that precious husband of yours? He drives the most darlin little sports car.
Cute - Not exactly a high compliment, but not a complete put-down either. Dont you look cute! (This means you still have an outside chance of making Kappa Kappa Gamma, but youre not as solid as you would be if you looked precious or darlin.)
Sweet - The kiss of death. Who;s that sweet little thing in the corner. Just look at that sweet little dress shes wearing!
Nice - The kiss of death with the coffin sealed. Well, I dont know her well, but she seems perfectly nice. (Shed better think about volunteering at the hospital because shes never going to make the Junior Auxiliary.)
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Maryln Schwartz

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The original members of Kappa knew that hard work and determination was essential in order to get ahead in the male-dominated world of the nineteenth-century. This can-do spirit is what sets the Sisters of Kappa apart from their peers, so it is not surprising that many members have gone on to lead very successful lives, including Kate Spade fashion designer , Ashley Judd actress , Kirsten Gillibrand U. The second branch supports the local community by encouraging chapters to raise money and volunteer for charities in their area.
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