Short stories about betrayal in love

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short stories about betrayal in love

Short Fuse; A Short Story of Abuse, Betrayal and Revenge by Clabe Polk

Ken Handly abuses women; and everyone else in his life. He abuses not physically, but mentally and emotionally. He has had whole string of illicit love affairs fueled by his own self-importance. Besides, his lovers, he abuses everyone he works with. His intelligent, attractive wife is sick of the embarrassment of Kens behavior. The only person not sick of Ken is Ken; he loves himself.
When Ken consults an astrologer to ask why his life isnt working out he way he planned it, he is warned that his behavior could lead others to react violently toward him. Ignoring the astrologer like he ignored most other people, he never saw what hit him.
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Betrayal Short Film

Post a Comment. I used to spend hours gazing at her face as she slept.
Clabe Polk

Short Stories About Betrayal

These stories might interest an avid reader, or might be suitable short stories for middle school kids. Elisa is in the garden working on her chrysanthemums when a traveler pulls in looking for work. They develop a rapport and she pays him to do a little job. He expresses interest in her flowers. When Mkatie gets married, John moves in with her and her husband.

“Will you marry me?”, he whispered tenderly while kneeling in front of me. I looked straight in his grayish eyes. His beautiful eyes showed love and sincerity.
he man origin of the sorceress

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It started as a normal year. My freshman year of high school. I made two new friends that year. Let's just call them Angelica and Xiemma. We had a blast. The first half of my freshman year was pretty fun.

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  1. She was waiting for someone who could read her, understand her, meet her, and prioritize her over everyone and made her feel special.

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