La philosophie de l education

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la philosophie de l education

La philosophie de le?ducation by Olivier Reboul

La philosophie de leducation nest pas une doctrine mais un questionnement, elle sinterroge sur le sens et les limites des sciences de leducation. Dans cet ouvrage le lecteur trouvera une reflexion sur leducation, sa finalite, ses institutions, ainsi quune interrogation sur les valeurs transmises par la pedagogie. Sil sinterroge sur le critere dune education reussie, le philosophe lui repondra quon nen finit jamais de devenir homme.
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Kant : Dialectique transcendantale

Philosophie de l'education

The philosophy of education and later the anglo-saxon trend of the study of teaching have long worked on the notion of teaching as an activity for a long time. More recently, the research fields in development psychology and ethology collected a set of data on this matter, backing away from strictly school environment. In this summary, we list the different meanings of this activity of teaching as it is used in the different fields of research and make up a more precise list of the sufficient conditions required for teaching to accur. Alternately, the notions of language, intentionality, allocation of purposes or believes, direct assessment and improvement of the learning environment are discussed as well as their roles within the activity of teaching. Finally, a summary of the definitions that we have come across leads us to a more precise definition of the activity of teaching. Que serait ne pas enseigner?

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Studies in Philosophy and Education. The present article on John Dewey aims at pursuing thetraces of the reception of Dewey's work in France. Itis intended as a survey of the writers who have takennote of Dewey and his ideas, and is meant to functionas a sort of additive inventory, with no claim tocomprehensiveness. Some of the articles mentioned wereunfortunately unavailable for direct examination andare thus listed merely for purposes of information. Although the educational and philosophical writings ofJohn Dewey are actually indivisible, Dewey's oeuvrehas not been read in France and Europe generally as ofa piece, but has largely been registered in terms ofthose parts which have relevance to education andteaching. Indicative of this is the fact that it tookuntil for Democracy and Education —the book which, in Dewey's own view, most clearlypresented his linking of pedagogy and philosophy Delledalle, ; Suhr, — to be published inFrance. He has translated other works byDewey and has written several books on him, dealingexpressly with Dewey's philosophy of pragmatism as thefoundation of his theory of education.

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