American horror story asylum ending explained

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american horror story asylum ending explained

Escape from Asylum (Asylum, #0) by Madeleine Roux

So I dont tend to read prequels often. Prequels and novellas are those things that I dont feel like they add anything to the story for the most part. But I really love the Asylum trilogy and I think about it all the time so when I saw this at the library I instantly brought it home and started it immediately.

Im really glad I read this. It doesnt give too much background for the Asylum trilogy, but it does still have an interesting story, and it was interesting to see where the characters in the trilogy had their beginning. Do I think that this is necessary to the trilogy? No. But I still recommend it.

I really loved the plot and characters in this one. I think Ricky is preferable to me than the main character in the trilogy. I liked him much better and felt he was a little more flawed but also stronger. I also loved the diversity in this. Having a gay main character and a trans character was a really nice addition to the story, especially since the story wasnt about that, but it also fit in really well with how the characters ended up where they went. (view spoiler)[I also liked that there was a bit of a romance but it was saved for the end and was NOT insta love at all (hide spoiler)]

My one issue came from the end. I felt it was very anticlimactic what happened and there was a lot of build up for a bit of a rushed and pretty boring conclusion. But I did love the scene with a father and son that clearly kicks off the trilogy and where the trilogy went so I did appreciate that.

Overall, really good addition to the series and I definitely recommend not only this, but the trilogy itself. Side note: read this after the trilogy, not before. This book will be kind of boring if you dont understand the significance of it.
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Compared to last season's finale, this year's seemed relatively low-key and subtle. Since the beginning of the season, I wasn't really a fan of the.
Madeleine Roux

'American Horror Story': Creators reveal secrets of 'Asylum'

To be honest, there were signs that American Horror Story: Asylum was running out of steam when it surprisingly killed off its two primary antagonists, Dr. Though, after the events of the time-hopping 'Continuum,' the audience is left as unsure about Jude's place as she is. In order to help bring out Minear's story which shares a lot in common, structurally, with episode 12 the finale brought in Alfonso Gomez-Rejon, director of ' I am Anne Frank: Part 2 ,' which was, up to this point, perhaps the most visually arresting episode of the season. While Minear and Gomez-Rejon don't play with the arrangement with quite the same energy as Murphy did in ' Continuum ,' the season finale still doesn't come through as being another typical episode of American Horror Story. And that could be thought of as a positive, considering how the season wraps up. One of the more interesting and frightening moments of last week's episode was the way in which time felt compressed: years passed for Sister Jude, but they felt like days.

Compared to last season's finale, this year's seemed relatively low-key and subtle. Since the beginning of the season, I wasn't really a fan of the modern-day story, and when it came full circle with a something year old Lana Winters prepping for an interview, I was ready to dislike it. However, and although it wasn't nearly are great as the first season's, this finale was surprisingly heartfelt and satisfying. Excuse me for a lack of details as I only got a chance to watch the episode once the night of, so this recap is purely based from memory. But at least I had a chance to sleep on it and I feel better about the episode. I just needed the time to think about it and mull over what happened. So, present-day Lana has six bestsellers under her belt and is about to be honored at the Kennedy Center for her prolific journalistic work.

Spoilers ahead! There was a day she was looking at bare asses for like 12 hours. With, like, horse-hair canes. It worked because that character was in the middle of a psychotic break. Murphy: We thought the last episode would be Sarah Paulson going into the sanitarium and shutting it down.

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Johnny sets out to complete his father's work. Lana leads the charge to finally shut down Briarcliff. Johnny Morgan wanders Briarcliff , listening to the audiobook of Tales from Briarcliff , written and narrated by Lana. He hallucinates scenes and people narrated by Lana, including a vision of his father, Dr. Thredson , encouraging him in his vendetta against Lana. As he meditates, he is disturbed by the entrance of Leo and Teresa Morrison , enjoying their "haunted honeymoon", and becomes bitterly enraged by their mentioning of Bloody Face.

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