Unique male guinea pig names

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unique male guinea pig names

Guinea Pig Lovers! - Help!: Suggestions on Names? Showing 1-3 of 3

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Published 16.12.2018

Your Guinea Pigs' Names

Male names often sound more “fierce” than girly names, but whether your guinea pig is more of an attention-hog or a shy piglet, there's a name.

Guinea Pig Names for Cute, Funny and Solid Pets

If you have ever owned a guinea pig before, you already know how unique and varied their personalities can be. You might want to get to know your guinea pig first so you can find unique male guinea pig names that are as one-of-a-kind as he is! Your new pet can help you! One of our favorite ways to select from male guinea pig names is to first make a short list of 10 names. Then say each name out loud while looking at your new pet. Notice if there is one name he seems to respond to more than the others. This list of cute male guinea pig names focuses on cute guinea pig behaviors, personality quirks and habits that might just deliver the perfect cute name you are seeking!

Tatiana has been an online writer for over five years. Her articles focus on everything from pet care to relationship advice. So you are getting a guinea pig? You must be squealing just like one with excitement! Guinea pigs make wonderful pets and are low maintenance. They do not require a whole lot of space, their housing requirements are minimal, and it's a lot of fun to build them a little play area! They enjoy the company of other guinea pigs and really form a bond with their owners.

Our giant list of over guinea pig names, ever-so-thoughtfully subdivided into male and female sections, may quite possibly cause you to give your furry fluffsters some seriously long-winded royal names! Does your sassy little sow deserve a truly sensational title like Princess Raven Twilight Sparkles? Are you searching for a one-name-wonder like Bruce for your baby boar?
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Boy Guinea Pig Names

I know why you have taken home a little or not? Is it possible to resist its charm and big eyes? Please, consider, the fact female guinea pig names should be chosen appropriately and correlate with main behavior characteristics, sex, image, maybe voice or some movements performed too often. This is one more reason, why often guinea pig names for girl should be tenderness, humility, friendliness, so on. Following cute guinea pig names for girl you have as an example:. As was mentioned above, you may monitor your fluffy friend for some time before calling it by the specific chosen name.

You could even name your female guinea pig after characters from your favorite TV show, book, film, or video game. Male guinea pig names can be based on their coat color, personality, as well as characters from TV shows, films, video games, and books. You should aim to use a name that has less than 3 syllables to make it easier for your guinea pig to recognize. You could name your guinea pig after their personalities, such as Grumpy, Snoozy, Chewy, and Greedy. For example, if you own a cream or light-colored guinea pig, then names like Snowy, Creampuff, Fawn, and Vanilla could work well. Naming your guinea pig after a character in your favorite TV show, book, video game, or film can also help you decide on what to call your guinea pig. Guinea pigs can memorize their names if you train them.

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  1. Guinea pigs? are one-of-a-kind creatures meant to have special names to fit their equally unique personalities. We've rounded up the best.

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