Maya lin eleven minute line

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maya lin eleven minute line

Maya Lin: Topologies by Maya Lin

The first comprehensive monograph on the acclaimed American artist and architect, known for her environmental works and memorials that distill a tranquil yet texturally rich minimalism. ?Maya Lin is one of the most important public artists of this century. As an architecture student at Yale, Lin designed the Vietnam Veterans Memorial as a class project, entering it in the largest design competition in American history. Her winning proposal, a V-shaped wall of black stone etched with the names of 58,000 dead soldiers, has since become the most visited memorial in the nation’s capital.
This visually rich volume presents 50 projects from the last three decades that demonstrate the scope of Lin’s creative process, featuring her own sketches and drawings and linked by her ideal of making a place for individuals within the landscape. With her environmental works Storm King Wavefield, Eleven-Minute Line (Sweden), and Pin River–Yangtze (Beijing), Lin maintains a balance between art and architecture, drawing inspiration from culturally diverse sources.  
From the moment she entered the national spotlight with her design for the Vietnam Memorial, Lin has been proposing ways of thinking and imagining that resist categories, genres, and borders.
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Maya Lin

Intro: Maya Lin successfully crosses over from being an architect to an artist and environmentalist, and through all her work, she makes you aware of your surroundings and gain a different perspective. Simplicity is the crowning reward of art.
Maya Lin

Maya Lin Artworks

The below artworks are the most important by Maya Lin - that both overview the major creative periods, and highlight the greatest achievements by the artist. Two simple walls of polished granite fall ten feet below grade and meet at a degree angle in a V-shape. Its ends point towards the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument, respectively. The names of over 58, soldiers who were killed or pronounced missing in action are listed, in the order of death or disappearance, rather than alphabetically because Lin wanted it to be read "like an epic Greek poem. In the process, he sees his own face reflected in the polished stone. A unique pull away from the traditional memorial design with realistic forms, her design contrasted with all other memorials in Washington D. It echoes the sentiments of Vietnam veteran Jan Scruggs, who raised the money for the project, and stated in his open call for submissions: "We do not seek to make any statement about the correctness of the war.

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Last week, I heard Maya Lin speak at the university where I work. Her lecture was uncannily appropriate, since I had planned for my students to learn about Lin last week before realizing that she was coming to speak. - Using nature as her medium, Maya Lin creates this line inspired by the Serpent Mound found in Southeastern Ohio where she grew up.

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