O flower of scotland words

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o flower of scotland words

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Flower of Scotland

Collection of Irish Song Lyrics

British Broadcasting Corporation Home. O Flower of Scotland When will we see Your like again, That fought and died for Your wee bit of hill and glen And stood against him 'gainst who?! Proud Edward's army, And sent him homeward Tae think again. The hills are bare now And autumn leaves lie thick and still O'er land that is lost now Which those so dearly held That stood against him 'gainst who?! Proud Edward's army And sent him homeward Tae think again. Those days are past now And in the past they must remain But we can still rise now And be the nation again That stood against him 'gainst who?! Proud Edward's army And sent him homeward, Tae think again.

If any song has been associated with Scottish nationalism in the s and after, it has been The Flower of Scotland, made famous though its repeated performance the The Corries. It is now used as Scotland's anthem for international sporting events although it is not the "national anthem" - that remains God Save the Queen , and has largely displaced Scotland the Brave see below for words. This is one of the two great historical events which seem to dominate Scottish patriotic songs - the other being the Jacobite rebellions of the 18th century. Notice how, as is common in nationalist music, one point in history is exalted, and the rest elided. The implication is that Scotland is just another colonized land, an opinion that is not sustainable upon investigation: at all levels of society the Scots participated in British imperial armies see Scottish Soldier below ; Scottish politicians have repeatedly held the highest national and party offices in Britain; and Scotland has long been rather over-represented in the British House of Commons. It's worth noting that until very recently, the "Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party" had widespread support. A question of interest might be this: why is it common to dismiss Serbian exaltation of the Battle of Kosovo, and Ulster Protestant love of the Battle of the Boyne, but a cult celebrated by Hollywood to recall the Battle of Bannockburn?

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The song was composed in the mids by Roy Williamson of the folk group the Corries. It was first heard publicly in a BBC television series. Although there is no official national anthem of Scotland , "Flower of Scotland" is one of a number of songs which are used, along with the older " Scotland the Brave ". The song was composed and is sung in English, typically with Scots pronunciation of a few words e. The Hills are bare now, And Autumn leaves lie thick and still, O'er land that is lost now, Which those so dearly held, That stood against him against who? Those days are past now, And in the past they must remain, But we can still rise now, And be the nation again, That stood against him against who?

Ever wondered why Scottish folk prefer to sing the words to the recently written Flower of Scotland rather than the traditional national anthem God Save the King? Lord grant that Marshal Wade May by thy mighty aid Victory bring. May he sedition hush, And like a torrent rush, Rebellious Scots to crush. God save the King! Rising quickly through the ranks, Wade became captain in Wade again distinguished himself at the Siege of Alcantara in , when in a rearguard action at Villa Nova his two battalions repulsed twenty-two allied squadrons.

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