This land is my land

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this land is my land

This Land Is My Land by George Littlechild

Through his own words and paintings, acclaimed Native artist George Littlechild takes us back in time to the first meeting between his Plains Cree ancestors and the first European settlers in North America. In This Land Is My Land, George intimately and honestly shares with readers how he discovered his Native heritage and what it means to him. He recounts the history of his people and expresses his wish to use his art to portray the wonders of his heritage, and to heal the pain of his peoples history.
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Bruce Springsteen: THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND

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After Guthrie died in , Seeger continued to perform the song all around the world. At the same time, Seeger made it clear that he was sensitive to the theft of Native American lands. It belongs to me. Go ahead and sing it. As long as we are all down here together to get something done.

Experience the frontier as a chief of a Native American tribe and resist the onset of the settlers. Explore the vast open-world full of hostile humans and animals. Survive, hunt, craft while defining your narrative through the decisions you make. Unite and lead the tribes to take back your lands. You begin your journey as a chief of a small Native American tribe set to take back the lands of your people.

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The game is featuring 19th-century American Frontier and based on the point of view of the resisting indigenous peoples of North America. Players take control of a male indigenous protagonist and also can control NPC allies to assist in scouting and other duties. The gameplay revolves around stemming the settler invasion, the protagonist can use both traditional and modern weapons as well as traps and baits and mount a horse to hasten their travels. Every playthrough will be unique because the world will change every time a player restarts the game. Cities will grow differently, camps will develop in altered places, and patrols will take new routes. On April 9th, a trailer [9] was released. Since May 28th the game is available for preoders.

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  1. This Land Is My Land is an open world stealth action game with a living hostile environment which evolves over time independently from player actions.

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