Positive effects of war on drugs

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positive effects of war on drugs

War On Drugs Quotes (41 quotes)

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Published 15.12.2018

Versus War on Drugs Debate

War on drugs: What is it good for?

Billions upon billions of dollars have been spent on both the consumption of illicit drugs and fighting the war on drugs. But a closer look will reveal the enormous economic impact that the war on drugs has on America. Prepare yourself for some very alarming numbers. There are an estimated , inmates incarcerated for drug related charges. The next generation who will be future consumers is suffering and is being heavily disadvantaged. On the consumption side, the numbers are just as incredible. These massive sums of money could be spent on much more productive things.

The Philippine war on drugs, however, has been marked by controversy and criticism from human rights groups, foreign governments and the United Nations. Duterte has also courageously and rightfully identified the involvement of politicians in the drug trade. Long before his arrival in the national scene, government officials have been implicated in participating or protecting the drug trade, but previous presidents have turned a blind eye. Rodrigo Duterte ends his first year as Philippine president hugely popular, taking Filipinos on a promised "rough ride" of drug war killings and foreign policy U-turns. Though these efforts have not born significant fruit, they at least hint at openness on the part of Philippine government agencies to approach drugs in a comprehensive and open way. A recognition of the severity of the situation in turn, is going some way in progressing the Philippine government's response to an undeniably major problem for the Philippines. Police officers have gone around communities in the Philippines with high levels of drug users and traffickers, and millions have signed up for drug rehabilitation programmes.

Prosecutor de Matteo had a bevy of bodyguards surrounding him as he was getting threats on his life for prosecuting the Cosa Nostra.
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Oplan Tokhang: The Philippines’ War on Drugs

Skip to content. It is waged daily, on farmland and streets from Colombia to Mexico to Detroit. Nixon ignored these conclusions, and the nation forged on with a strategy that increasingly emphasized force over treatment. Most leaders since Nixon have doubled down on that strategy. Drug hawks contend that this is a good thing. They say prohibition is working , especially when compared with the record for legal drugs.

With American drug use levels essentially the same as — and levels of drug-related violence either the same as or lower than — those in countries like the Netherlands with liberal drug laws, public support for the War on Drugs appears to be faltering. This was most recently evidenced in the victory of major drug decriminalization initiatives in Colorado and Washington. In so doing, it has set precedents that can be applied to a wide range of other missions, like the War on Terror. It has turned drug stores and banks into arms of the state that constantly inform on their customers. Via programs like DARE, it has turned kids into drug informants who monitor their parents for the authorities. Via civil forfeiture, it has enabled the state to create a lucrative racket in property stolen from citizens never charged, let alone convicted, of a crime. Best of all, even possessing large amounts of cash, while technically not a crime, can be treated as evidence of intent to commit a crime — saving the state the trouble of having to convert all that stolen tangible property into liquid form.

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