Facts about lewis carroll alice in wonderland

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facts about lewis carroll alice in wonderland

Lewis Carroll: A Biography by Morton N. Cohen

I really enjoyed the start of this book, it began in chronological order, was interesting, well written and revealed insight into the beginnings of the man who wrote Alice in Wonderland. However, I felt it got drawn into the justification of Dodgsons behaviour towards children and only spiralled down from there. There was just so much in this, it was INCREDIBLY detailed, and i feel it just lost itself and became a jumbled mess of peoples names, letters and analysing all of his work. I took a break from reading this as I felt it became incredibly heavy, and just the longer I put it down, the less I wanted to pick it back up again- Ultimately my drive to leave no book unfinished made me set out to finish what I started. I feel if you have a big interest in this man, then this certainly is an interesting read, but to me who couldnt care either way, it was just a mess of facts and ultimately I kind of found his entire life boring. I felt like the author was trying to make you think kindly of him, and perhaps view him as stuck as a child himself, however I just do not feel at least bit interested in Dodgson and his life.
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Alice in Wonderland Creator Lewis Carroll a Pedophile !

10 things you didn't know about Alice in Wonderland

Like a lot of writers, Dodgson was frustrated by losing the excellent ideas that inconveniently come in the middle of the night, so in he invented the nyctograph. The device is a card with 16 square holes two rows of eight that offers a guide for the user to enter a shorthand code of dots and dashes. Dodgson also considered it useful for the blind. Dodgson had a rough childhood. A childhood fever also left him deaf in one ear, and a bout of whooping cough at 17 weakened his chest for the rest of his life.

Click here to learn more about other famous Victorians. This has some really good information , good for all my victorian work some of this information you couldnt find anywhere else. I reccomend this! Thanks so much for this useful information. My Literacy homework was to find out 5 facts about Lewis Carroll and this page was perfect for my research!

Born Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, the writer known as Lewis Carroll was a Renaissance man of the Victorian Era. He was an accomplished mathematician, poet, satirist, philosopher, inventor, and photographer in the art form’s earliest days. If you’ve only seen him through the looking.
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Who Was Lewis Carroll?

Lewis Carroll was an English fiction writer who wrote and created games as a child. At age 20, he received a studentship at Christ Church and was appointed a lecturer in mathematics. Carroll was shy but enjoyed creating stories for children. Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, best known by his pseudonym, Lewis Carroll, was born in the village of Daresbury, England, on January 27, The eldest boy in a family of 11 children, Carroll was rather adept at entertaining himself and his siblings. His father, a clergyman, raised them in the rectory.

She was in fact not a blonde as illustrated in the book but a brunette. The real life Alice has been portrayed in fiction almost as many times than the fictional one! It was a popular dish in Victorian times, created as a cheaper version of green turtle soup. It was made from various odd parts of a calf, such as brains, head and hoof! Elsie originated from the initials of Lorina Charlotte, Lacie is a transformation of Alice, and Tillie was short for Matilda, a name given to Edith by her sisters. Lewis Carroll suffered from a rare neurological disorder that causes strange hallucinations and affects the size of visual objects, which can make the sufferer feel bigger or smaller than they are — a huge theme of the book. The disease, first discovered by English psychiatrist John Todd in , was later named Alice in Wonderland Syndrome.

Alice fell down the famous rabbit hole years ago, after family friend Charles Lutwidge Dodgson better known by his pen name, Lewis Carroll told the story to the Liddell sisters on a boat trip down the Thames on July 4, Ten-year-old Alice Liddell, delighted by the tale, asked him for a written copy of the story. The rest is history. Carroll published the adventures in , and the book hasn't gone out of print since. Here are five odd facts about Lewis Carroll , including his enthusiasm for word games, microscopes and photography. In one Wonderland scene, Alice runs a race in circles with a dodo and a flock of other birds and animals. The dodo is supposed to be Carroll, whom everyone knew as Mr.

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